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      Finishes: matt and glossy

      14 November, 2023

      Finishes: matt and glossy

      When it comes to interior decoration, the choice of finish is just as important as the choice of colour or material. Two popular finishes are matte and gloss, which can add a very different touch to any space. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two finishes and how to choose the right one for your home.

      What is a matt finish?

      A matte finish is a smooth, non-reflective finish that is used on many types of surfaces. This finish is perfect for relaxing and peaceful spaces as it does not reflect a lot of light and gives a more serene appearance. The matte finish also hides surface imperfections and fingerprints, making it ideal for high traffic areas and homes with children or pets.

      Advantages of the matt finish

      • Velvety smooth appearance
      • Conceals imperfections
      • Does not reflect too much light
      • Easy to maintain

      Disadvantages of matt finish

      • Less resistant to cleaning
      • Less durable than other finishes

      What is a gloss finish?

      A gloss finish is a reflective, shiny finish that gives a more sophisticated and elegant look. This finish is perfect for surfaces that you want to highlight, such as kitchen tiles or high quality wooden furniture. The gloss finish reflects a lot of light, which can make spaces appear larger and brighter.

      Advantages of the glossy finish

      • Sophisticated and elegant appearance
      • Reflects a lot of light
      • Easy to clean
      • More durable than other finishes

      Disadvantages of gloss finish

      • Highlights imperfections
      • Can be too conspicuous in certain spaces

      How to choose the right finish?

      Choosing the right finish will depend on the type of surface and the effect you want to achieve. Here are some tips to help you choose:

      For walls

      • A matt finish is ideal for walls that have imperfections, as it conceals them. It is also a good choice for bedrooms and living rooms, where a relaxed atmosphere is desired.
      • The glossy finish is ideal for smooth walls without imperfections, as it enhances their beauty. It is also a good choice for small spaces that need more light.

      For furniture

      • The matt finish is ideal for furniture that will see frequent use, as it hides fingerprints and stains. It is also a good choice for furniture that you want to blend in with the rest of the décor.
      • The gloss finish is ideal for furniture that you want to stand out, such as a dining table or console table. It is also a good choice for modern and minimalist furniture.

      For floors

      • The matt finish is ideal for floors that will be subject to high traffic, as it hides scratches and imperfections.

      How to care for matt and glossy finishes?

      For the matt finish

      • Clean the surface regularly with a soft, damp cloth.
      • Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners.
      • For stubborn stains, use a mixture of warm water and neutral soap. Gently scrub the surface with a soft bristle brush.
      • Avoid placing hot or sharp objects directly on the surface, as they can leave permanent marks.
      • If you have children or pets at home, place protectors on the corners of furniture to avoid scratches and bumps.


      Choosing the right finish can make all the difference in interior decoration. Both matt and gloss finishes have advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider these when making your choice. Remember that care and maintenance of your surfaces is also important to keep them in good condition.

      Frequently asked questions

      Which surfaces are best suited for matt finishing?

      1. A matt finish is ideal for surfaces that have imperfections or will see frequent use, such as walls, furniture and floors.

      Which surfaces are best suited to a gloss finish?

      1. Gloss finish is ideal for smooth surfaces without imperfections, such as kitchen tiles, modern and minimalist furniture and surfaces that you want to stand out.

      Is gloss finish more durable than matt?

      1. Yes, the gloss finish is more durable than matt and is more resistant to cleaning.

      Does the matt finish require more care than the glossy finish?

      1. The matt finish requires special care to avoid permanent marks, but the care of the glossy finish requires avoiding the use of abrasive products and hard sponges that can scratch the surface.

      Can I combine matt and gloss finishes in the same room?

      1. Yes, combining matt and gloss finishes can add an interesting and sophisticated touch to interior decoration. However, it is important to consider balance and not to overdo it with the amount of each finish in the same room.