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      Buñol: New Oak Design

      01 February, 2024

      New Lamidecor Design: Buñol, the Jewel of the Oak Wood

      In the exciting world of furniture and doors, we present the design of the month: Buñol. This article explores in depth the essence of this new design, originating in oak wood, and highlights its honey tonality together with its imposing cathedrals in aubergine tones.

      Buñol: A Natural Charm in Honey Tones

      Lamidecor’s Buñol design is not just decorative paper; it is a masterpiece that has raised the standard in style and sophistication. Its honey tone is a tribute to warmth, creating a cosy atmosphere that will transform any space into a haven of comfort.

      Oak Wood: The Source of Authenticity

      Authenticity is the key to Buñol‘s success. Sourced from oak wood, this design incorporates the nobility of nature into every grain. The strength and durability of oak is reflected in every corner of this decorative paper, guaranteeing an investment that will last over time.

      Aubergine Hued Cathedrals: Outstanding Visual Impact

      The imposing aubergine-toned cathedrals in Buñol add a touch of majesty. Every detail stands out, creating a visual play that brings the surface to life. This unique feature not only beautifies, but also enhances the presence of any piece of furniture to which it is applied.

      Versatility in Creation: CPL or Finish Foil

      Buñol’s versatility is another aspect that sets it apart. This exceptional design can be created in either CPL or finish foil, offering options to suit different needs and preferences. Whatever the choice, quality and style are guaranteed.


      In short, Buñol by Lamidecor is much more than decorative paper; it is a statement of style and authenticity. From its oak origins to aubergine-toned cathedrals, this design elevates the concept in the world of furniture. With versatile CPL and foil finish options, Buñol offers the ability to incorporate this jewel into any interior design project – discover the Buñol difference and transform your spaces today!