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      New R&D Laboratory

      15 February, 2024

      Lamidecor Inaugurates its New R&D Laboratory: Innovation at the Service of Personalisation

      After months of planning and hard work, Lamidecor is pleased to announce the opening of its new Research and Development (R&D) Laboratory. This milestone marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of decorative paper..

      Lamidecor’s new R&D Laboratory is not only fully operational, but has also been designed to maximise our research and development capabilities.

      What are the advantages of this new space? Here are some of the highlights:

      1. Cutting-edge technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge tools, our laboratory provides an environment conducive to advanced research and innovative experimentation.
      2. Interdisciplinary Team of Experts: Our R&D team is composed of highly skilled professionals in diverse disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, design and manufacturing technology. This diversity of skills allows us to approach challenges from multiple perspectives and find creative solutions.
      3. Culture of Innovation: At Lamidecor, innovation is a priority objective. Our new laboratory fosters a culture of creativity and exploration, where our team is encouraged to think outside the box and constantly seek new ideas and approaches.
      4. Customisation and Adaptability: Thanks to our enhanced R&D capabilities, we are now in a privileged position to offer highly customised products tailored to our customers’ specific needs. From unique designs to tailor-made performance features, our laboratory allows us to get closer than ever to our customers’ ideas and turn them into reality.

      Lamidecor’s R&D department is the driving force behind our capacity for innovation and continuous improvement. Our aim is to exceed market expectations by offering the highest quality products and exceptional service. With a focus on flexibility and adaptability, we strive to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ demands.

      In short, Lamidecor’s new R&D Lab represents a step forward in our commitment to lead the decorative paper industry through innovation and excellence. We are proud to see how these new capabilities will allow us to continue to raise the standard in customisation, quality and service. At Lamidecor, the future is now, and we are ready to shape it together with our customers and partners.