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      Lamidecor: Innovation and Quality in Decorative Papers

      12 March, 2024

      Lamidecor: Leader in Decorative Paper

      At the heart of the coating industry is a company with a history of innovation and commitment to quality: Lamidecor. Founded in 1985 in Castelldefels (Barcelona) under the name “Novocant”, this firm started in the world of coating with an initial focus on the production and sale of synthetic edging for melamine boards.

      However, Lamidecor’s vision transcended the conventional boundaries of the sector. In 1990, the company moved to Vinaroz (Castellón), where its current headquarters were established, marking a milestone in its expansion. Under the same umbrella, both “Novocant” for the manufacture of edging and the new brand and investment “Lamidecor” were created.

      The drive to offer an edgebanding that would integrate perfectly with the melamine board design led Lamidecor to thoroughly research the market and trends in the furniture sector. This commitment to excellence culminated in a significant investment in technology. Including engraved hollow core printing, impregnation and laminate pressing lines, ensuring the production of a high quality product that meets the demands of the market.

      Since then, Lamidecor has continued its evolution, expanding its services into the world of digital printing. This innovation has been received with great enthusiasm by its customers, who value the capacity for personalisation and the level of detail offered by this technology.

      Lamidecor’s philosophy revolves around quality in all its facets. From personalised service and professional advice to rigorous technical product controls, every aspect of the company reflects its commitment to excellence.

      In terms of its product offering, Lamidecor manufactures a wide range of paper designs and qualities in foil finish, CPL laminates and vinyl, with more than 38 years of experience in the sector. Its customers use these products to cover a variety of surfaces, from boards and doors to furniture and mouldings, among others.

      But beyond its products, Lamidecor stands out for its creativity and innovation. With a dedicated design department, the company is able to adapt to customer preferences and market trends, offering personalised and tailor-made solutions.

      In short, Lamidecor is not only a leading decorative paper company, but also a benchmark in innovation, quality and commitment to the environment. With a history of almost four decades of experience and a constant focus on continuous improvement, Lamidecor is positioned as a reliable and cutting-edge choice in the world of coatings.