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      Renewal of the FSC® Certificate

      28 February, 2024

      Lamidecor’s FSC® Certificate Renewal: A Commitment to Sustainability

      Lamidecor understands that forests are essential to our planet and its renewal of the FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council® certificate reflects its ongoing commitment to responsible forest management. This globally recognised certificate not only ensures sustainable practices, but also demonstrates Lamidecor’s commitment to environmental conservation and the well-being of communities.


      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate


      For the company, this renewal is not just a requirement, but an opportunity to reinforce its leadership in sustainability. By meeting exacting standards, Lamidecor makes a significant contribution to forest preservation and sustainable development. The renewal of the FSC® certificate is not only a key step in its environmental commitment, but also an inspiration for other companies towards a more sustainable future.