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      About us


      Our history

      Our first steps date back to 1985 in the city of Castelldefels (Barcelona). That was the year in which the company “Novocant” was created, dedicated to the coating area and which started only with the production and sale of synthetic edgebanding to be applied on the sides of melamine boards.

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      In 1990 we moved to Vinaroz (Castellón), where our current headquarters are located, both at a productive and corporate level. Thus, following our growth plan, we started with the construction of a new factory of 7.000 m2 in which we decided to locate the firm “Novocant”, for the manufacture of edging, and the new firm and investment “Lamidecor”.

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      The vision, the motivation, the desire and the challenge to offer, within the field of coating, an edge that was exactly the same as the design of the melamine board, led us to take a step further in the company. That is why we carried out an exhaustive market study to find out what the trends were, as well as the real needs of this product within the furniture sector.

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      At the same time, we invested in the acquisition of an engraved hollow-core printing line, two impregnation lines and a laminating press that allowed us to offer a product and service that would meet the market’s requirements.

      We are a company in continuous evolution and growth and for this reason we are committed to expanding our services by moving into the world of digital printing, a resource that has caused a sensation and is having a great acceptance among our customers due to the high level of personalisation and detail of the same.

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      The experience gained in almost 40 years of history has taught us that quality is always the most important thing. Quality is in the treatment and attention that the customer receives, in the demanding technical controls of the product, in the training of the team, in the service provided, in the R+D+i, in the designs, in the finishes and in the exclusivity.

      The story has only just begun, which is why we are continuing! We have presented a new remodelling of our designs and day by day we strive to continue improving in order to offer optimum products and quality. At Lamidecor we do not understand borders and we work both nationally and internationally to maintain our position as a leading company in quality and innovation within the decorative paper sector.

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      Our process

      Our laboratory carries out all stages of production control, from the reception of raw materials to the creation of the design, printing, impregnation, lamination, final lacquering and shipment of the finished product. Offering full customer convenience.

      At Lamidecor we manufacture a wide range of designs and paper qualities in foil finish, as well as CPL and vinyl laminates with the experience of more than 37 years in the sector.

      Digital printing allows us to capture any idea.

      Our customers use our products to cover all types of flat and curved surfaces, including manufacturers of panels, doors, furniture, mouldings and skirting boards, among others.

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      We are committed to quality

      • Personalised attention and professional advice on our designs and laminated products, as well as their applicability to specific projects.
      • Commitment to quality, we test our products to the most demanding technical requirements.
      • Continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services.
      • Punctual delivery adapted to your needs.
      • Professional work teams in each of our departments.
      • Exclusive designs carried out in a production process with attention to detail.
      • Personalised design and finish down to the smallest detail.
      • All our products are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified.
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      Creativity and innovation

      We have a design department that allows us to capture the smallest detail and personalise your project. We are strongly committed to innovation in design, adapting to customer preferences and market trends.

      Digital printing allows us to capture any idea.

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      Committed to the environment

      We work with paper. We love our planet and we care about its conservation by contributing to maintain the biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes of our forests using environmentally friendly resources.

      We care for the raw material as a fundamental part of our life and our business!

      Our printing inks are made of organic materials, such as water, casein and other pigments. By avoiding solvents we not only take care of the environment, but also protect the health of our employees, the Lamidecor family. That is why our latest innovations are formaldehyde-free.

      We make a controlled and conscious use of our wood-related resources, which is why we have the FSC® certificate (FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) – C115042) that identifies us as a company committed to the planet and its conservation. FSC® awards this certificate to companies that avoid the purchase of illegal timber and the massive felling of trees. Because the future of the planet is everyone’s business.

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      Research, development and innovation

      A culture of constant innovation that allows us as a firm to achieve greater performance, better quality and service for our customers together with a flexibility that allows us the greatest possible customisation is our way of being.

      Having a department specialised in R+D+i allows us to get closer to your ideas in order to offer you a much more adapted and personalised product. Because if there is one thing that characterises us, it is our research capacity to improve production processes and to develop new ideas and products in the area of coatings that allow us to innovate in order to keep up with market trends.

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