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      Lamidecor’s Colour of the Year 2024: Elegant Silex Tone

      16 January, 2024

      Discovering Timeless Elegance: Lamidecor’s Colour of the Year 2024, a Sophisticated Contrast to Last Year’s Sage Green

      After celebrating the cool, neutral Sage Green as the Colour of the Year 2023. Lamidecor invites us to explore new aesthetic horizons with its choice for 2024: a light, soft and timeless silex shade. This change marks the continuous evolution of Lamidecor. Offering colours that not only follow the trends of the moment, but also bring elegance and durability to our spaces.

      Last year’s Sage Green, with its distinctive touch of warm grey, symbolised calm, security, vitality and life. Now, the focus shifts to the silex tone, which presents itself as an ideal companion to contrast with the freshness of last year’s green.

      From the perspective of colour psychology, we know that green evokes hope, joy and vitality, qualities that Sage Green incorporated into our spaces in 2023. Now, with the silex tone, Lamidecor seeks to convey a sense of sophistication and tranquillity, promising a welcoming and distinctive ambience.

      The light and soft silex tone integrates harmoniously with natural wood in warm tones, adding a distinctive touch to furniture and spaces. Offering similar versatility to Sage Green, this shade can be used as a vibrant accent or anchor colour, blending seamlessly with neutral monochromes as well as rich colours such as strawberry 3279.

      While Sage Green is recommended to be combined with neutral monochromes and intense colours, the silex tone goes a step further, offering the possibility of integrating with solid surfaces such as stone or polished concrete, as well as with darker woods and metals. This versatility makes the silex shade a distinctive choice for a variety of styles and preferences.

      Discover the silex tone from our sales team, the new Lamidecor colour 2024“. We invite everyone to request a sample in Finish foil or with one of the structures offered by the CPL finish of this elegant and timeless silex tone, which promises to leave a distinctive mark on spaces this year. With Lamidecor, interior design becomes a continuous experience of discovery and sophistication.