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      New colour of the year Sage Green

      26 January, 2023

      New colour of the year Sage Green

      Lamidecor presents “Colour of the year 2023” sage green, fresh and neutral, very elegant.

      Our design team celebrates each year with a different colour. We welcome sage green. Green in appearance with a touch of warm grey. We are presented with the symbol of calm and security, as well as life, so the versatility of this tone provides the necessary touch to give character and distinction to any piece of furniture.

      From the psychology of colour, we know that green reflects characteristics such as hope, happiness, vitality, nature, etc. Likewise, we find the colour green in many places in our daily lives associated with happiness. Thus, sage green, which belongs to this tonality, in addition to life, exudes relaxation, which allows it to be used in all the rooms of the house.

      Not sure how to add it to the home? This tone has a soft look that creates a sophisticated feel. In combination with natural wood in warm tones, it is ideal for all types of furniture. You can never go wrong by combining it with our monochrome neutrals, whites, greys and navy blue, on the contrary you can make it more youthful when combined with a very rich and intense shade such as strawberry 3279.

      Discover sage green with our sales team, Lamidecor’s new colour 2023“. Ask for a sample in Finish foil or with one of the structures that offer the CPL finish in this spectacular green tone.