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      New CPL Finish: CORTEZA

      25 July, 2023

      New CPL Finish: CORTEZA

      In the world of interior design and furniture, surface finishes play a fundamental role in the appearance and durability of products. Lamidecor, a leading company in the decorative paper market, presents an interesting new CPL finish. The Corteza pore will make any design stand out.

      What is CPL Finish?

      The term “CPL” stands for “Continuous Pressure Laminate”. It is a type of finish used on furniture surfaces, doors and other decorative elements. The CPL finish is obtained by combining thermosetting resins, decorative papers and melamine layers. This process is carried out under high pressure and temperature, creating a highly resistant and durable final product.

      Characteristics of CORTEZA, the new CPL finish by Lamidecor

      Matt Finish and Marked Wood Structure

      One of the most outstanding features of the Corteza finish of Lamidecor’s CPL Line is its matt appearance and its very marked wood structure. This provides a natural and authentic look, similar to real wood. The matt finish is also ideal for reducing reflections and fingerprints on surfaces, maintaining a clean and elegant aesthetic.

      Acabado CPL Corteza con un diseño roble de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor’s Zahara Oak with new Bark

      Versatility for Unicolours and Timbers

      In addition, this Lamidecor pore is not only available for use with different types of wood, but also in a wide range of unicolours. This gives designers and manufacturers the freedom to explore various creative options for their projects. Whether it is a minimalist design or a bolder and more colourful one, Lamidecor’s CPL finish suits all needs.


      Durability, Resistance and Easy Maintenance

      The CPL is known for its high strength and durability. The laminated surface is resistant to scratches, bumps and daily wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for applications that require a robust and durable surface. In addition, Lamidecor’s CPL finish has excellent heat and chemical resistance, ensuring that designs retain their beauty over time.

      Another significant advantage of Lamidecor’s CPL finish is its easy maintenance. Unlike some finishes that require special care, this type of finish is simple to clean and maintain in optimum condition. A soft, damp cloth is enough to keep the surface spotless.


      Lamidecor‘s innovative CPL Cortex finish enhances any design with its visual and tactile appearance, giving designers creative freedom. From furniture to doors and panels, this finish adds character to the final products.

      Lamidecor is a leader in the world of decorative paper, with a solid reputation for continuous innovation, quality and excellent customer service. The new Corteza finish offers a world of possibilities for designers and manufacturers in the field of furniture and interior design. Its matt finish and marked wood structure make it an interesting and natural choice, ideal for commercial and residential projects. With Lamidecor leading the decorative paper industry, designers can have full confidence in the quality and impact of their creations.