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      Lamidecor Cutting Section

      22 February, 2024

      Optimising Lamidecor’s Cutting Service: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

      In the competitive world of decoration and surface coating, every detail counts. Lamidecor, as a leading manufacturer of decorative paper, understands the crucial importance of providing a cutting service that is tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Here, we delve into Lamidecor’s cutting section to explore its relevance in the surface coating process and how this stage directly influences customer satisfaction.

      Dimensional Customisation: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

      One of the main reasons why customers choose Lamidecor is its ability to customise every aspect of the decorative paper, including dimensions. Understanding and meeting customers’ needs in terms of size and shape is fundamental to ensuring a final result that meets their expectations.

      The cutting process at Lamidecor is not simply a matter of reducing the material to the desired measurements, but involves meticulous attention to detail. Customers rely on us to provide decorative paper that perfectly fits their projects, whether it is for cladding doors, panels or furniture. Dimensional accuracy is essential to avoid waste and ensure a trouble-free installation.

      The Role of the Cutting Section in Surface Coating

      The cutting sector plays a key role in the surface coating process in the decorative paper industry. It is not only about cutting the material, but also about preparing it properly for application. Precise cuts ensure an efficient and aesthetically pleasing installation, avoiding unwanted overlaps or uncovered areas.

      At Lamidecor, we offer cutting services for both Finish Foil and CPL coils, ensuring that each piece is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the project at hand. An outstanding feature of our slitting section is its ability to slit the edge of a coil, giving the possibility to cover an entire surface with the same design on all sides, providing a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish.

      Our commitment to quality and precision sets us apart in the market, providing reliable and effective surface coating solutions. In addition, precision cutting allows installers to work more efficiently, reducing the time required to complete a project and minimising labour costs. In a market where speed and quality are essential, the cutting sector emerges as a crucial component to the success of both fabricators and customers.

      Dimensions for Commercialisation: Flexibility and Variety

      At Lamidecor, we understand that diversity in the dimensions of decorative paper is key to meeting the diverse needs of the market. For this reason, we offer a wide range of standard sizes and the possibility of customisation according to customer specifications.

      From standard rolls to specific dimensions for specialised applications, our portfolio encompasses a variety to suit projects of any scale. This flexibility allows us to meet the demands of individual customers, as well as distributors and contractors who require specific quantities for commercial or residential projects.


      In conclusion, the cutting sector at Lamidecor not only represents a crucial stage in the decorative paper manufacturing process, but also plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and commercial success. Dimensional accuracy, the ability to cut the edge of a reel and dimensional variety are fundamental aspects that allow us to stand out in a demanding and competitive market. At Lamidecor, we remain committed to excellence in slitting service to ensure that every customer gets the decorative paper perfectly tailored to their needs.