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      The perception of colour according to the finish

      31 August, 2023

      Effects of the degree of Gloss on Decorative Paper

      Interior decoration is an art that goes beyond the mere selection of colours. It involves understanding how the perception of colour can influence our emotions and the atmosphere of a space. However, within this complex play of shades, there is another component that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role. The gloss of the lacquer used in the decorative paper. At Lamidecor, leaders in the coating sector with our CPL and Finish foil products, we know that gloss can be a powerful ally in modulating the perception of colours in interior decoration. In this article, we will explore how the degree of gloss of lacquer can modify the way we see and feel colours in a space.

      The Shade of Gloss: Transforming the Perception of Colour in Decorative Paper

      Decorative paper has, for decades, been the blank palette on which designers paint their rooms. However, few consider that the choice of the type of lacquer that coats this paper can give a surprising twist to the way we experience colours. At Lamidecor, we know the importance of this factor and we are here to guide you through the process of selecting the finish to ensure that the colours you choose have the desired impact on your spaces.

      The link between gloss and colour perception is based on how light interacts with the surface of the wallpaper. The lacquer covering this paper can vary in terms of gloss, creating a spectrum of visual possibilities, ranging from super matt to gloss to matt to satin.

      1. Hue and Shimmer:

      Shimmer, acting as a link between dull and vibrant, can amplify the intensity of a colour, giving it greater prominence in space. Thus, a deep red hue on a high gloss paper can become an instant eye-catching focal point. In contrast, matte finishes exert the opposite influence, softening colours and giving them a serene, elegant feel.

      Similarly, gloss, beyond its influence on the relationship between colours, changes the way colours interact with light. On high-gloss surfaces, light is reflected intensely, generating pronounced contrasts and dramatic highlights. In contrast, matt surfaces diffuse light evenly, resulting in a softer, more delicate palette overall.

      2. Stylistic Coherence:

      The choice of gloss is not only about intensifying or softening colours, but also about maintaining coherence with the overall style of the space. So glossy surfaces may be ideal for modern and bold environments, while matt surfaces would be better suited to relaxed and serene environments.

      “The choice of gloss can be a powerful tool to control the perception of colour, creating environments that reflect our vision and style”.

      Lamidecor’s Expert Advice

      At Lamidecor, we understand that every decoration project is unique. In addition, our vast experience allows us to provide you with personalised advice on choosing the right wallpaper for your surfaces. We also consider your stylistic preferences, lighting conditions and the interaction between colours to ensure that you achieve the desired result.

      At Lamidecor, we are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and providing you with the perfect combination of colour and brightness for your decorating projects.