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      Furniture coating

      27 July, 2023

      Coating in Furniture Manufacturing: Finish Foil and CPL

      In the world of furniture manufacturing, two types of coatings stand out for both their aesthetic and functional benefits: Finish Foil and CPL. These materials have revolutionised the furniture industry thanks to their ability to enhance the appearance and durability of products.

      1. Finish Foil: A Versatile Decorative Coating

      Finish Foil is a thin, decorative, resin-impregnated material used to cover the surface of furniture. With a wide range of decorative options, including woodgrain, unicolour and fantasy designs, manufacturers can create attractive finishes to suit different decorating styles. In addition to its decorative function, Finish Foil provides resistance and protection against stains and scratches, maintaining the original appearance of the furniture for a long time.

      2. CPL: Strength and Versatility in a Continuous Coating

      CPL, or Continuous Pressure Laminate, is a continuous sheet manufactured by applying heat and pressure to several layers of paper impregnated with thermosetting resins. This coating stands out for its high resistance to impacts, abrasions and scratches, which ensures that the furniture maintains its integrity and appearance over time. Also, the main advantage of CPL lies in its ability to adapt to any shape. It even allows for a 1mm radius of curvature, making it a versatile option for more complex and daring designs.

      3. Flexibility and Creativity in Furniture Design

      Both Finish Foil and CPL offer a wide variety of designs and finishes that allow fabricators to experiment with different styles and trends. From classic wood finishes to modern colours and sophisticated textures, these coatings provide flexibility in creating custom furniture to suit market demands and customer tastes.

      4. Application of Coatings in Furniture Manufacturing

      The application of these coatings is an important process in furniture manufacturing. Before applying Finish Foil or CPL, the surface of the furniture must be properly prepared. Ensuring that it is clean and free of irregularities to obtain an optimum finish. Finish Foil is applied by a process of pressure and heat, ensuring a strong and uniform bond to the surface of the furniture. CPL, on the other hand, is applied using a laminating press. It is subjected to high temperatures and pressure to ensure adhesion and create a durable and resistant coating.

      5. Advantages and Challenges of Coatings in Furniture Manufacturing

      Both coatings offer numerous advantages for furniture manufacturers. In addition to their attractive appearance, they provide effective protection against damage, stains and scratches. They are also more economical options compared to other furniture finishing methods and provide a wide variety of customisation options to suit customer preferences.


      In conclusion, Finish Foil and CPL are two valuable options in furniture refinishing. Their ability to enhance the appearance and durability of furniture, along with their wide range of designs and finishes, make them preferred choices for many manufacturers. The benefits they offer allow manufacturers to create attractive, durable and customised furniture that meets the needs and preferences of customers.