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      Finish Foil: Application

      09 April, 2024

      Application of Lamidecor Finish Foil on Surfaces: A Detailed Guide

      Lamidecor Finish Foil is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for embellishing various surfaces, from furniture to doors and panels. Its composition based on decorative papers impregnated with aminoplastic resins and finished with state-of-the-art lacquers offers exceptional quality and a wide variety of sheens, finishes and structures, making it ideal for coating all types of surfaces.

      1. Substrate Preparation: Before applying Finish Foil, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is flat, smooth and dust free. It is recommended that the moisture content of the boards or substrates is between 8% and 12%.

      2. Application Process: Lamidecor Finish Foil can be applied using different methods, such as hot or cold roller presses, flat plate presses or moulding and panel coaters. PVAC, UF or hot melt polyurethane, polyolefin or EVA adhesives can be used, depending on the type of press or machine used. It is essential to follow the machine and adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.

      3. Machining and Finishing: During the machining process, it is recommended to use suitable tools to avoid peeling. If cleaning is required, a dry or slightly damp cloth can be used and then wiped dry.

      4. Final Considerations: It is important to carry out preliminary tests on the surface to be applied to ensure compatibility and to obtain the desired results. Finish Foil allows realistic reproductions of designs on wood, stone or any other material, as well as designs in solid colours.

      Benefits of Lamidecor Finish Foil:

      • Innovative and environmentally friendly solution.
      • Wide variety of designs, sheens, finishes and structures.
      • Easy application on a variety of surfaces.
      • Economical and versatile for different decoration projects.


      In summary, Lamidecor Finish Foil is an excellent choice for beautifying and protecting surfaces efficiently and with aesthetically appealing results. Its proper application following the steps mentioned above will guarantee a quality and long-lasting finish.