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      Wallpaper or Decorative Paper

      21 July, 2023

      Differences between Decorative Paper and Wallpaper: Transforming Spaces with Style

      In the world of interior design and decoration, wallpaper and decorative paper are elements that add personality and style to spaces. For decades, interior designers have used both materials to enhance the appearance of furniture, doors, walls and other surfaces. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are significant differences in their application and purpose.

      What is Decorative Paper?

      Decorative paper is responsible for giving the original look and feel to the furniture pieces and doors we buy in the market. Panel makers, carpenters and furniture manufacturers use this material in the manufacturing process, which allows them to achieve pieces with a unique style.

      It originated as a creative alternative to traditional wallpaper. With the advancement of printing technology, it is now possible to create high quality designs and stunning details on decorative paper. This type of paper can be printed in different textures and finishes, which adds depth and realism to the images, such as wood, stone, fantasy and unicolour.

      Unlike wallpaper, which is used to renew the look of existing furniture, doors and walls, decorative paper is applied in the initial manufacturing process. It is used to cover all types of surfaces, including furniture, doors, panels, mouldings and profiles.

      Decorative paper is manufactured in a wide range of designs, finishes and textures, giving it different characteristics and appearances. From woodgrain papers to more modern and contemporary designs, decorative paper offers endless options to suit different decorative styles.

      Diseño Gabón Miel de Lamidecor. Madera de cebrano
      Gabon design by Lamidecor
      Papel decorativo Diseño Gabón de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor Gabon Design in Panels
      Diseño Gabón de Lamidecor en Puertas
      Lamidecor Gabon Design in Doors

      What is Wallpaper?

      Wallpaper is a popular and versatile option for renovating furniture, doors and walls in our spaces. It has a wide variety of designs and patterns that allow you to experiment with different styles and aesthetics without replacing complete pieces. From its beginnings in ancient China, where hand-painted rice paper was used, wallpaper has evolved into a variety of materials such as paper, vinyl and fabric, each with unique characteristics and benefits. With its centuries-old history and versatility, it continues to be a popular form of interior decoration for adding style and personality to spaces.

      Papel pintado


      In summary, both decorative paper and wallpaper are valuable elements for transforming spaces and adding personality to décor. In addition, by applying it to furniture and doors, it allows you to create original pieces with a unique style. While wallpaper, when used to renew the look of existing furniture and walls, offers the possibility of adapting different decorative styles.