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      Lamidecor Decorative Paper Manufacturing

      20 June, 2023

      Lamidecor’s Decorative Paper Creation Process

      From the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, each stage is carried out with meticulousness and care to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. With advanced technology and customised designs, Lamidecor stands out as a leading manufacturer of decorative paper. We tell you all the steps below:

      • Creation of the Design

      Once we have the raw materials, we move on to the creation of the decorative paper design. We use advanced technology and the experience of our professionals to develop customised and attractive designs that meet the high expectations of our customers.



      • Print

      At Lamidecor, we use two printing models, “hollow” and “digital”, to create decorative paper.

      Gravure Printing

      Lamidecor is proud to offer high quality gravure printing services. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has made us a market leader. We use different types of inks, such as water-based organic inks, conventional inks in various colours and special inks such as metallic inks and 3D varnish. Meticulous ink preparation is crucial for impressive results, which is why we employ a rigorous measuring process using specialised devices such as a printing proofer and spectrophotometer. This preparation ensures high-quality, long-lasting prints that are true to design.

      Today we can say that the rotogravure printing line is the most effective in achieving a realistic reproduction of any material.

      The secret of quality printing is a team of expert technicians who know and work the entire process with professionalism and dedication at every step. From the choice of inks to the adjustment of cylinders. This process is fast and efficient, and is also suitable for the production of large print runs. The result is a wide range of woodgrain, fantasy and unicolour designs on decorative paper.


      Elección de cilindros para la impresión en huecograbado de Lamidecor
      Choice of cylinders for
      for Lamidecor rotogravure printing

      Digital Printing

      With digital printing we can capture any idea with great precision and detail.

      It is done by injecting LED UV inks on paper or vinyl. The process begins by sending a digital file to the printer, which processes it and translates it into commands for the print head. The printheads spray the UV LED inks in specific patterns to create the desired image. Curing occurs immediately thanks to the ultraviolet light emitted by the lamps. Our digital product line offers high quality, high resolution custom designs with fast turnaround times. We have a team of skilled technicians who complete the process with professionalism and dedication to ensure a quality print.


      Impregnation and coating process of printed paper: The transformation from paper to Design


      Papel Decorativo imitación madera de Lamidecor para el recubrimiento de superficies

      • Impregnation

      Once printed, the paper undergoes an impregnation process. At this stage, a protective coating is applied to the paper to improve its resistance to abrasion and water. This ensures that the decorative paper maintains its appearance and quality over time.


      The process of impregnating and coating printed paper is essential to transform it into high-quality decorative paper. Impregnation involves dipping the paper in a solution that gives it additional properties such as water resistance, gloss and durability. Specific chemicals such as melamine, urea and phenolic resins are used. A coating of lacquer is then applied to provide additional strength and gloss. The types of lacquers used vary according to the paper application, such as urethane, acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquer. Impregnated and lacquered paper is used in paper for furniture, doors, profiles, skirting boards, panels, mouldings, etc. providing greater durability and a decorative appearance.

      • Laminating

      After impregnation, the paper undergoes a lamination process for CPL products. Here, one or several additional layers are added, which can be made of different materials, such as resins or vinyl, depending on the customer’s needs. This lamination provides increased durability and strength to the decorative paper. As well as an aesthetic full of textures that make the paper disguise with reality.

      máquina compuesta por varias bobinas de papel que se prensan para formar uno de mayor grosor Proceso de fabricación de laminados decorativos de Lamidecor. CPL

      • Final coating

      Once the lamination is complete, the paper undergoes a final coating process. This lacquer coating provides a glossy finish and protects the paper from stains and scratches. It also brings out the colours and details of the design, giving a high quality final appearance.


      Proceso de Impregnación de papel decorativo en Lamidecor


      Shipment of the Finished Product

      Finally, once the decorative paper has gone through all these stages of production, it undergoes a thorough quality check and is then packed and shipped. We ensure that the product reaches our customers in perfect condition, ready to be used to cover flat and curved surfaces such as panels, doors, furniture, mouldings and skirting boards.

      At Lamidecor, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a complete and controlled manufacturing process, together with high quality products and customised designs. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to meet the most demanding expectations and provide full comfort to our customers.

      Embalaje de cartón para bobinas de Lamidecor


      Trust in Lamidecor’s experience to obtain high quality products and unique designs that will transform your spaces.