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      Rotogravure printing: ink preparation

      08 June, 2023

      Ink preparation at Lamidecor

      At Lamidecor, we pride ourselves on providing high quality rotogravure printing services. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has made us a market leader. In this article, we will explore how we work with and prepare inks to ensure impressive results for every project. We will cover the types of inks we use, such as water-based organic inks, conventional inks in colours such as yellow, orange, red, black, blue and white, and special inks, such as metallic and 3D varnish, which offer unique visual effects and sync with wood or textile designs. We will also describe our ink measurement process, highlighting the importance of achieving an accurate formula for precise colours for each print.

      The importance of ink preparation at Lamidecor

      At Lamidecor, we understand that proper ink preparation is crucial to achieving high quality results in gravure printing. Our team of experts ensures that each ink is ready for use, guaranteeing its fluidity, adhesion and durability on the substrate.

      Types of inks used at Lamidecor

      At Lamidecor, we use different types of inks to adapt to the specific needs of each project. Our organic inks are renowned for their quality and lightfastness. We also offer water-based inks, which are a more ecological and sustainable option, as they are formulated with water-based inks instead of chemical solvents.

      In addition, we have a wide range of conventional inks in vibrant colours such as yellow, orange, red, black, blue and white. These inks allow us to print full-colour images with great accuracy and fidelity. We also offer special inks, such as metallic inks and 3D varnish, which add a natural realism to designs. These special inks can be synchronised with wood or textile designs, allowing us to offer unique and stunning prints.

      Inks measuring process at Lamidecor

      At Lamidecor, we ensure that every print is perfect and meets the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we have a rigorous ink measurement process. We use Printing Proofer, a specialised device that allows us to adjust the pressure and speed of ink transfer to achieve accurate and consistent results. This ensures accurate colour reproduction on every print.

      We also use the spectrophotometer, a state-of-the-art tool, to analyse the colour of the ink. This provides us with a precise formula to obtain the exact colour charge. This meticulous measurement ensures that each print is reproducible without variations in future reproductions. At Lamidecor, we strive to deliver results

      Advantages of ink preparation at Lamidecor

      Proper ink preparation at Lamidecor offers numerous advantages for both us and our customers. First of all, it enables us to offer high-quality, long-lasting prints. The right choice of inks, their careful preparation and precise metering ensure impressive results in terms of colour, sharpness and detail.

      In addition, ink preparation allows us to optimise ink usage, avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing costs. It also ensures consistent colour reproduction in every print, which is essential for projects that require exceptional fidelity and accuracy. Our customers rely on us to faithfully reproduce their designs, and our meticulous ink preparation enables us to meet those expectations.


      At Lamidecor, ink preparation is a fundamental aspect of our rotogravure printing work. Through the use of organic inks, water-based inks, conventional inks in a wide range of colours and special inks, we offer our customers creative options and stunning results. Our ink measurement process, using tools such as the Printing Proofer and spectrophotometer, allows us to ensure accurate and consistent colour reproduction in every print.

      Preparing inks properly is a crucial step to successful gravure printing!