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      Rotogravure printing

      31 January, 2023

      What is rotogravure printing?

      At Lamidecor we have been working for more than 30 years with rotogravure printing for the creation of decorative paper.

      Rotogravure printing is a process that allows us to reproduce detailed and high quality images.  It covers wood designs, unicolours and fantasies intended for the coating of surfaces, both on boards, doors and furniture.

      How does it work?

      This printing system works by using metal cylinders engraved with an embossed pattern to transfer ink onto a paper reel. The ink is applied to the engraved cylinder and transferred to the paper by passing it between the cylinder and a tailstock. The ink adheres only to the engraved areas, creating an embossed image on the paper roll.

      In order to produce realistic drawings, the rotogravure machine consists of several bodies and cylinders. All of them work as we have just explained, in this way all kinds of designs are obtained, with a 3D effect synchronised with the drawing, designs of great chromatism and visual depth, reliefs and metallic effects depending on the inks.

      The quality of the print depends on the finish and precision of the engraved cylinder.

      Today we can say that the rotogravure printing line is the most effective in achieving a realistic reproduction of any material.

      The secret of quality printing is a team of expert technicians who know and work the entire process with professionalism and dedication at every step. From the choice of inks to the adjustment of cylinders.

      This process is fast and efficient, and is also suitable for the production of large print runs. The result is a wide range of woodgrain, fantasy and unicolour designs on decorative paper.