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      Decorative Laminate

      30 March, 2023

      Decorative Laminates. Everything you need to know: Manufacture, Types, Advantages, Uses and Cleaning.

      Decorative laminates are versatile and durable materials used in a wide variety of decorative applications. From furniture cladding to flooring, decorative laminates offer a practical and attractive solution for any decorating project. In this article, we will explain all about decorative laminates, including their manufacture, types, advantages compared to other materials, uses, recommendations, cleaning and the best manufacturers.

      What is Decorative Laminate?

      Decorative laminate is a composite material consisting of layers of paper impregnated with synthetic resins and pressed under high pressure and temperature. The end result is a strong, durable, high quality material that can be used in a wide variety of decorative applications. The paper used in decorative laminates is usually of high quality and comes in a wide variety of designs and finishes, making them perfect for custom decorative projects.

      How Decorative Laminate is manufactured

      The manufacture of decorative laminate begins with layers of paper impregnated with synthetic resins. These layers are placed in a mould and pressed under high temperature and pressure to create a single sheet of material. The end result is a strong, durable composite material that can be cut and shaped to suit any decorative project.

      Types of Decorative Laminates

      There are many types available on the market today. Some of the most popular include:

      • High Pressure Laminates: These laminates are created using a high-pressure, high-temperature technique, making them extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are often the preferred choice for high traffic applications.
      • Low pressure laminates: Low pressure laminates are a more economical option than high pressure laminates and are ideal for low-demand interior applications.
      • Postformed laminates: These laminates are manufactured using a heating and bending technique, making them perfect for use in countertops and other curved applications.
      • Metallic laminates: Metallic laminates have a metallic finish and can add a modern and sophisticated touch to any decorative project.

      Why choose decorative laminates

      Decorative laminates are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications for a several reasons:

      1. Durability: they are designed to be resistant to wear and tear and everyday use, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
      2. Versatility: they also come in a wide variety of designs, finishes and colours, making them perfect to suit any decorative project.
      3. Easy maintenance: they are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for areas where regular cleaning is required.
      4. Cost-effective: Compared to other materials, such as natural wood or stone, they are a more economical and cost-effective option.
      5. Moisture resistance: Many laminates are moisture resistant, making them ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications.

      Overall, decorative laminates are an excellent choice for a wide variety of decorative applications due to their durability, versatility, ease of maintenance, cost-effectiveness and moisture resistance.