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      What is vinyl?

      20 October, 2022

      What is vinyl?

      Vinyl is a material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

      At Lamidecor we work with digital printing, this allows us to make any design or sample supplied by the customer a reality.

      It is characterised by the injection of LED UV inks on a white  or cream vinyl film. Its curing is immediate thanks to the emission of ultraviolet light emitted by the lamps installed.


      Impresora digital con bobina de vinilo


      Supplied in reels, it is a top material with great advantages.


      ✔️ Resistant to humidity, special application for bathroom furniture.

      ✔️ Resistant to surface wear.

      ✔️ AC1.

      ✔️ Flexible.

      ✔️ Interior use.

      ✔️ Allows any design.

      ✔️ Vertical use. Perfect for edges and mouldings.

      ✔️  Thickness between 140-160 microns.

      ✔️ Fast delivery.

      ✔️ Available with pore.

      If you want more information, ask us for a sample. Our sales team will be pleased to help you.