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      What is metamerism

      27 October, 2022

      👉🏼 Illuminance metamerism is a phenomenon that occurs when we observe 👀 two objects of the same colour  🔴 🔴under one light source 💡, but if we change the lighting conditions, the objects will appear different in colour 🔴🟠.


      luz-cálida-metamerismo luz-fria--metamerismo


      Our design and printing team uses colorimetric instruments to analyse the exact composition of the colours 🌈 and determine the formulas that allow for future reproductions without surprises.  All repetitions and tintings are checked in the light booth, under different light sources🔦, ensuring that the colour does not vary to the eye 👁 of the beholder.


      We are professionals of light and colour👨🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️.