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      What is metamerism

      27 October, 2022

      What is metamerism

      Illuminance metamerism is a phenomenon that occurs when we observe two objects of the same colour under one light source, but if we change the lighting conditions, the objects will appear different in colour. This occurs because of the way objects reflect and absorb light.

      Metamerism occurs when two objects have different reflectance spectra, i.e. they reflect light differently depending on the wavelength. However, due to the characteristics of the human visual system, these objects may appear to have the same colour when viewed under a given light source. This is because our eyes and brain compensate for the different reflectance spectra and give us an impression of colour sameness.


      luz-cálida-metamerismo luz-fria--metamerismo


      Metamerism can be problematic in areas such as textiles or printing, where it is important to achieve an accurate colour match. To avoid metamerism problems, lighting standards are used and tests are carried out under different lighting conditions to ensure that colours match properly. Colour management techniques are also employed to minimise the effects of metamerism and ensure accurate colour reproduction on different devices and viewing conditions.

      Our design and printing team uses colorimetric instruments to analyse the exact composition of the colours and determine the formulas that allow for future reproductions without surprises.  All repetitions and tintings are checked in the light booth, under different light sources, ensuring that the colour does not vary to the eye of the beholder.

      We are professionals of light and colour.