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      The Art of Transforming Decorative Paper into Beauty

      25 January, 2024

      Design Team: The Process Behind Lamidecor Decorative Paper

      At the heart of innovation and creativity at Lamidecor is our exceptional design team, whose talent and dedication are the cornerstones of the excellence that characterises our CPL and Finish foil products.

      Perfecting the Vision: Creative Talent in Action

      Each member of our team brings a unique vision to the creative process. The diversity of talent is palpable, from designers and colourists to texture and finishing experts. This amalgamation of skills becomes the driving force behind each distinctive Lamidecor design.

      Passion for Authenticity: Scanning and Meticulous Selection

      The passion for authenticity is reflected in the initial phase of the process. The team immerses itself in the detailed scanning of natural wood veneers and other materials, seeking to capture the genuine essence and colour. Image selection is a painstaking act, where each choice tells a unique visual story.

      Technical Skill: Image Manipulation and Stunning Realism

      The team’s technical skill is evident in the manipulation of images. Here, every detail is fine-tuned to achieve stunning realism. Skill in this step ensures that each design achieves the desired visual effect, pushing creativity beyond conventional limits.

      The Final Touch: Textures, Finishes and Applications

      The Lamidecor design team goes beyond mere visual aesthetics. It dives into the tactile world, considering textures and applications that add layers of depth to each creation. From subtle finishes to more pronounced textures, each choice is an expression of the meticulous attention that defines our team.

      Creative Collaboration: A True Design Collective

      Collaboration is the cornerstone of our creative process. The exchange of ideas and constructive feedback among team members results in designs that transcend convention. Each member contributes their unique expertise, creating a synergy that elevates each project.

      The Design Team Redefining Creativity

      In conclusion, the Lamidecor design team is not simply a group of professionals; it is a creative force that redefines standards in the world of design. Their passion, technical skill and collaborative approach are reflected in every product that bears the Lamidecor hallmark. Each creation is the result of brilliant minds working in harmony to bring to life the true essence of innovative design.