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      Lamidecor: Advertisement on Antena 3

      21 December, 2023

      Lamidecor: Announced during the Christmas Draw

      Last week, the facilities of Lamidecor, the undisputed leader in the world of decorative paper, witnessed an unprecedented event: the filming of an advertisement that will capture the manufacturing process, the innovative essence and the exceptional quality that characterises this renowned company.

      The filming took place in Lamidecor’s spacious, state-of-the-art facilities, where a team of production professionals worked hard to capture the distinctive essence of the brand. From the conception of avant-garde patterns to the meticulous choice of colours that reflect the latest trends in decoration, every detail was carefully planned to highlight Lamidecor’s excellence in the field of decorative paper.

      Specialising in the manufacture of decorative paper for door and furniture coverings, Lamidecor offers an extensive range of designs, from single-colour shades to fantasy patterns and even realistic woodgrain imitations. With options ranging from foil finishes, CPL laminates and vinyl, Lamidecor is the preferred choice for those seeking personalisation and uncompromising quality.

      One minute on Maximum Audience

      The one-minute advertorial will be broadcast on one of the most important programmes on Antena 3: “Espejo Público” with the charismatic presenter Susanna Griso. The strategic choice of this slot not only guarantees a wide audience, but also reflects Lamidecor’s vision of being at the forefront of current trends.

      The broadcast is scheduled for around 11:00 am, coinciding with a key moment of the day: the Christmas draw. This choice is not fortuitous; Lamidecor seeks to accompany viewers during this special time of the year, offering inspiration for home decoration and suggesting creative ideas to welcome the festive season.

      In the video, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Lamidecor, discovering how the manufacture of decorative paper and the creation of its latest collections can transform any space into a place full of style and personality.

      Lamidecor, committed to innovation and quality, is excited to share this exciting feature with the public. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the elegance and creativity that Lamidecor brings to your home by tuning in to Antena 3 “Espejo Público” commercial break at around 11:00 a.m. Get ready to be inspired and immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of decoration with Lamidecor!