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      Josep Capilla: Operations Manager at Lamidecor

      08 February, 2024

      Josep Capilla: Operations Manager Committed to Sustainability at Lamidecor

      In the dynamic world of decorative paper production, Josep Capilla stands out as a visionary and experienced professional. With a track record spanning more than a decade in various areas related to production, occupational safety and the environment, Josep has proven to be an invaluable asset to Lamidecor S.L.U., the leading company in this sector.

      Leadership at Lamidecor

      Since his appointment as Production Director in February 2020, Josep has taken Lamidecor to new heights with his focus on efficiency, innovation and sustainability. His management skills and in-depth technical knowledge have enabled him to implement significant improvements in the production process, as well as in employee safety and well-being.

      Previous Experience and Academic Background

      Prior to joining Lamidecor, Josep held key positions in renowned companies, including roles as Production, Safety and Environment Supervisor at Ecoparc del Besós, S.A., where he managed teams of over 100 people and oversaw the implementation of new health and safety projects and processes. His previous experience in industrial project management and quality control in the environmental laboratory provided him with a solid foundation to successfully lead the production department of Lamidecor.

      Josep has a solid academic background that supports his professional experience. He completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, as well as a Master’s degree in Occupational Risk Prevention at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. In addition, he obtained a degree in Pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona, where he also collaborated with a research group in the Soil Science department, participating in innovative projects related to the bioremediation of contaminated soils.

      Achievements at Lamidecor

      One of Josep’s most notable achievements at Lamidecor has been the reorientation of the maintenance department towards predictive maintenance, which has resulted in a significant reduction in unplanned downtime and an increase in overall plant efficiency. In addition, he has implemented rigorous workplace safety protocols and promoted psychosociology in the workplace to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

      Current Role and Future Initiatives

      Josep currently holds the position of Operations Director at Lamidecor, playing a central role in the close coordination among different departments of the company, including purchasing, quality, production, maintenance and environment. In this position, Josep leads a comprehensive strategy to guarantee the quality of the final product and reduce the costs associated with raw materials. Among his responsibilities are the optimisation of production processes by reducing the variety of raw materials and the unification of products.

      It is important to highlight that the success of this approach is due to the effort and professionalism of the rest of the departments, who work together to achieve the common objectives. Josep expresses his sincere thanks to each member of these teams for their dedication and commitment, fundamental elements that allow the work at Lamidecor to be successful and efficient.

      Commitment to Sustainability

      In addition, Josep is at the forefront of future initiatives focused on sustainability and operational efficiency. These include water cycle management, with the implementation of practices to reuse water used for machine maintenance and cleaning. It is also leading the project to install solar panels to power production, as part of a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency.

      Its leadership extends to the goal of achieving a waste-free production process, promoting the use of production leftovers. These measures demonstrate Lamidecor’s commitment to sustainability and its constant search for more responsible business practices.

      Josep is exploring new opportunities to improve the sustainability of Lamidecor’s operations, with a focus on reducing environmental impact and using natural resources more efficiently. His commitment to innovation and operational excellence ensures that Lamidecor remains a benchmark in the decorative paper industry, providing high quality products in a sustainable and responsible manner.


      In summary, Josep Capilla is much more than an operations manager; he is a passionate professional, committed to the long-term success of Lamidecor and the well-being of his team. His unique combination of technical expertise, strategic vision and interpersonal skills makes him an invaluable asset to the company and a role model for his colleagues in the industry.