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      Happy Holidays to all the Lamidecor team

      04 August, 2023

      The last working day has arrived and it’s time to celebrate at Lamidecor!!

      We are excited to welcome the long awaited summer holidays, a well-deserved break for all our talented team. Today will be a day full of fun and fellowship as we participate in dynamics and games to strengthen our bond between the different departments.

      To temporarily say goodbye to work, we will share a delicious meal together, enjoying a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. We know how important this time is to disconnect and recharge our batteries, so we encourage everyone to make the most of it, surrounding ourselves with our loved ones and friends to enjoy unforgettable moments.

      At Lamidecor, we believe that this break will be key to return with a fresh mind and full of new ideas. We are excited about the projects, designs and quality decorative paper products that we will create upon our return. Inspiration will flow and we will undoubtedly continue to set trends in the wallcovering industry.

      So, let’s make the most of this holiday! We are saying goodbye for a while, but we know we will be back with recharged batteries and ready to face any challenge with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.

      Happy holidays to all the Lamidecor team and may we enjoy every second of this well-deserved break! See you soon!