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      SICAM Fair 2023

      24 October, 2023

      Lamidecor Explores Trends at SICAM 2023: Innovation in the World of Decorative Paper Coating.

      The International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, known as SICAM, was once again the epicentre of the latest trends and innovations for the furniture industry. In this 14th edition, Lamidecor, came to explore and discover the innovations that are shaping the course of the sector.

      One of the most notable transformations that caught Lamidecor’s attention at the event was the shift in design preferences. For years, woods without knots and cracks had been the standard, but at SICAM 2023, an interesting trend emerged. Subtly patterned woods, flat surfaces and an absence of noticeable contrasts are gaining ground, and finishes with pronounced visual pores are coming to the fore. This change in the appearance and texture of wood marks a new chapter in the furniture and surfacing industry.

      In the area of unicolours, matt finishes are maintained, along with ranges of browns and taupe, green and blue continue, injecting vibrancy and originality into interiors. New at SICAM was the resurgence of metallic finishes, which are gaining a prominent place in furniture design.


      In terms of surfaces, matt finishes continue to be appreciated in certain applications, but there is a growing demand for ultra-gloss finishes. The latter are especially popular in designs that simulate stone, such as marble and granite, creating a mirror effect to the furniture.


      In addition to these trends, SICAM 2023 also highlighted the presence of innovative technologies. Digital printing has revolutionised the way furniture and wood surfaces can be designed and customised, allowing complex patterns and designs to be reproduced with precision. Furthermore, trompe l’oeil, such as flat wood that simulates grooves, adds a new aesthetic dimension to furniture and demonstrates the creativity and versatility of the sector.


      In summary, SICAM 2023 stands as an essential platform for leading companies such as Lamidecor to explore the latest trends and technologies in the furniture sector. The evolution towards more subtly patterned woods, the resurgence of metallic finishes, the demand for digital printing and the incorporation of wood trompe l’oeil are all examples of how the industry is adapting to changing consumer expectations. Lamidecor remains at the forefront of this evolution, committed to offering high quality products that reflect the latest trends in design and technology. Creativity and innovation are coming together to sculpt the future of furniture and wood cladding, and Lamidecor is leading the way on this exciting path.