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      CPL Natural Finish

      13 February, 2024

      Lamidecor Natural Pore: The Harmony of Wood in its Purest State

      In the world of interior design, wood is an irreplaceable resource, capable of giving any space a unique and welcoming charm. Its organic and classic appearance, as well as its ability to adapt to a variety of styles, make it a timeless textural for furniture, floors and doors. At Lamidecor, we are pleased to introduce our Natural CPL finish, an option that lasts over time and adapts to any wood design.

      Authenticity that Lasts

      Lamidecor’s Natural finish captures the essence of wood in its most authentic state. With a surface pore that emulates the natural texture and appearance of untreated wood, this finish brings a warm and inviting aesthetic to any surface. Whether you want to highlight the nobility of oak, the simplicity of pine or the depth of walnut, our Natural finish is the ideal choice.

      Versatility for Any Project

      One of the main characteristics of Lamidecor’s Natural pore is its versatility. From creating furniture to installing floors and doors, this finish adapts effortlessly to a wide variety of wood designs and styles. Its surface texture adds character and depth to any project, while its natural appearance creates an authentic and welcoming ambience in any space.

      Design Innovation

      In addition to its aesthetic appearance, Lamidecor’s Natural finish stands out for its ability to inspire design innovation. Thanks to its texture and wood look, this finish offers new creative possibilities for designers and architects. From creating visual contrasts to integrating organic elements, Lamidecor’s Natural finish opens the door to a world of possibilities in interior design.

      Natural Finish: The Perfect Choice for Lasting Style

      In conclusion, Lamidecor Natural Pore is the ideal choice for those looking to fuse the timeless beauty of wood with the durability and versatility of our high quality CPL finishes. Whether you are designing a residential or commercial space, this finish will add a touch of authenticity and warmth that will last the test of time. Discover the timeless beauty of Lamidecor’s Natural finish and take your designs to the next level.

      Explore All the Possibilities

      In addition to our Natural finish, we invite you to explore all the possibilities offered by our other CPL finishes. From glossy and matt finishes to textured finishes such as Corteza pore or Soft Matte. Each offers a unique and distinctive style for your interior design projects. Discover the beauty and versatility of our finishes and take your designs to the next level.