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      Decorative paper for surface coatings

      11 April, 2023

      Decorative Paper: A Versatile and Practical Option for Covering Furniture, Panels, Doors and Mouldings

      Decorative paper for covering furniture, panels, doors and mouldings is a versatile material that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its ease of application, wide variety of designs and its ability to transform surfaces in the blink of an eye. In this article, we will explore the advantages, uses, possibilities, cleaning, recommendations and frequently asked questions.

      What is decorative paper?

      Decorative paper is used to cover surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass and metal. It is available in a wide variety of designs, from imitation wood and stone to geometric and floral patterns. It can be applied to a variety of areas, including furniture, panels, doors and mouldings.


      1. Versatility: Decorative paper can be used on different types of surfaces, which makes it a very interesting option.
      2. Designs: A wide variety of designs are available, allowing you to personalise doors and furniture.
        Easy application: No specialised skills are required.
      3. Durability: Decorative paper is strong and durable, making it ideal for high traffic surfaces.
      4. Cost: It is cheaper than other surfacing materials, making it an affordable option.


      Decorative paper can be used on many different types of surfaces, including:

      • Furniture. It is an economical and practical option to renovate furniture and give it a new look. It can be applied to different types of furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets and shelves.
      • Panels. Decorative paper is ideal for covering wood or metal panels. It can be used to create accent walls or to renovate door panels.
      • Doors. It can also be used to renovate wooden or metal doors, giving them a new and modern look.
      • Mouldings: It is also ideal for covering wood mouldings, creating a unique and personalised look.

      Possibilities of decorative paper

      At Lamidecor we are experts in decorative paper, from finish foil to CPL. That’s why we have a wide portfolio of designs and an infinite number of creative possibilities, including:

      • Material imitations: Detailed and realistic designs of different types of materials, such as wood, stone and metal, creating an authentic look at a fraction of the cost.
      • Patterns and designs: Decorative paper offers a wide variety of patterns and designs, from geometric patterns to floral designs, allowing surfaces to be personalised and given a personal touch.
      • Colour matching: Can be used to create unique colour combinations, allowing you to create original spaces.
        Cleaning and recommendations

      Cleaning and recommendations

      Decorative paper is relatively easy to maintain and clean. It is recommended to clean it regularly with a damp cloth and to avoid the use of aggressive chemicals that may damage its surface. In addition, avoid contact with sharp or abrasive objects that could scratch it.

      In short, decorative paper is a versatile, practical and affordable option for surface covering a wide variety of surfaces in the furniture and construction industry. With a wide variety of designs and textures available, decorative paper allows designers and manufacturers to create unique, customised pieces to suit any style or décor.