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      Asian Marbled: Asian oak in decorative paper

      01 June, 2023

      Asian Marbled: The decorative wallpaper design that emulates the beauty of Asian oak wood

      Asian oak has always been renowned for its elegance and durability in the world of interior design. This month, Lamidecor is proud to present its latest exclusive design: Asian Marbled. This innovative wallpaper design perfectly reproduces the distinctive look of Asian oak wood, highlighting its aesthetic qualities and adding a touch of sophistication to any environment.

      Aesthetic qualities of Asian Marbled

      Asian Marbled stands out for its exquisite aesthetic appearance. This decorative paper design features a detailed pattern that faithfully mimics the grain and soft, subtle tones of Asian oak wood. The design captures the very essence of the wood’s natural beauty, bringing a sense of movement and depth to any space. The combination of textures and colours in Asian Marbled brings a unique elegance and adapts to a wide variety of decorating styles.

      Durability and strength of the wallpaper

      In addition to its stunning appearance, Asian Marbled stands out for its durability and strength. Although it is a decorative paper, this design is made of high quality materials that make it highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Both the CPL and foil finishes of Asian Marbled are designed to retain their flawless appearance over time.

      Versatility in interior design

      Asian Marbled offers great versatility in interior design. Thanks to its shade, this decorative wallpaper is perfectly suited to a variety of styles from classic to modern and contemporary. The application possibilities range from door and panel coverings to furniture and profiles. Asian Marbled is the perfect choice for those who wish to add a touch of distinction and sophistication to their spaces.

      The Asian Marbled manufacturing process

      The creation of Asian Marbled involves a meticulous manufacturing process. Each stitch of the decorative paper design is produced with precision to capture the essence of the original Asian oak wood. Lamidecor’s expert craftsmen ensure that every detail, from the grain to the colours, is authentically and realistically reproduced. The end result is a decorative paper that not only imitates, but actually looks like Asian oak wood.

      Innovation and exclusivity

      Asian Marbled is an example of Lamidecor’s constant innovation in the world of interior design. This exclusive design offers a sophisticated and accessible alternative to the original Asian oak wood, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the timeless beauty of this material in their spaces. Moreover, being an exclusive Lamidecor design, it guarantees originality and exclusivity in every decoration project.

      Asian Marbled is the result of the combination of the beauty of Asian oak and innovation in decorative paper design. With its authentic appearance, durability, versatility and environmental friendliness, this design is the perfect choice for those who wish to add a touch of elegance to their spaces. Whether in homes, offices or shops, Asian Marbled provides an exceptional aesthetic experience and a high quality decorative solution.

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