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      “trust the tree” Forest Week 2023

      28 September, 2023

      Lamidecor partners with the FSC® to involve buyers in the protection of forests

      In an effort to promote awareness and action in favour of the preservation of forests worldwide, Lamidecor, a company dedicated to the manufacture of decorative paper, joins in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) campaign. This commitment is part of Forest Week 2023, an annual initiative promoted by the FSC® to mobilise companies, brands and consumers around the protection of forest ecosystems.

      FSC, an organisation committed to forest sustainability through responsible forestry practices, has launched the #TrustTheTree campaign, which aims to inspire individuals and companies around the world to make informed and sustainable purchasing decisions. During Forest Week, which runs from 23-29 September, efforts will be stepped up to raise awareness of the importance of forests in mitigating climate and biodiversity crises.

      The theme of this year’s campaign, “Trust the Tree,” highlights the vital role forests play in combating global environmental challenges. Forests, as critical ecosystems, are crucial to stabilising the climate and conserving biodiversity, and choosing products derived from sustainable forestry can help ensure the health and prosperity of these ecosystems for future generations.

      Lamidecor, as a leading company in the decorative paper industry, joins this noble cause by committing to promote FSC® certified products.

      In the previous edition of Forest Week, more than 1,200 partners from over 40 countries joined the initiative, reaching an audience of 42 million consumers worldwide through the FSC® global network. This demonstrates the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices and the vital role forests play in mitigating environmental crises.

      “FSC® Forest Week 2022 demonstrated the collective passion and commitment to the world’s forests,” noted Trevor Armel, Marketing Director, FSC® International. “We are so inspired to see so many engaged in making this year’s effort bigger than ever, raising awareness of the irrefutable role forests play in the fight for a climate resilient future.”

      At a time when forests are threatened by deforestation and climate change, Lamidecor and the FSC® come together to remind us that when forests thrive, people thrive. This collaboration is a significant step towards a more sustainable future that respects our natural environment. Together, we can be part of the solution to preserve the natural treasures that are our forests.