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      Single layer edgeband: Everything you need to know

      11 July, 2023

      Single Layer Edgebanding: A perfect finish for your furniture

      Single-ply edgebanding is an essential element in the furniture and decoration industry. At Lamidecor, as well as being leaders in high quality decorative paper for furniture covering. We are also specialists in the manufacture of single layer edgebanding with a track record of almost 40 years.

      In this article, we will give you a complete overview of single-ply edgebanding, its characteristics and applications.

      1. Introduction

      In the field of furniture manufacturing and joinery, edging is an essential element to provide an elegant appearance and protect the edges of boards. Single-ply edgebanding is a popular choice due to its versatility and aesthetic quality.

      Edgebanding is done by applying it to the edge of the panel. This strip is adhered to the panel using different methods, such as hot melt adhesives, liquid adhesives or pressure systems. It is a common process in furniture manufacturing. It is used to cover the exposed edges of plywood, MDF or other materials used in furniture construction. The purpose of edgebanding is to provide an aesthetic appearance and to protect the edges from damage.

      2. What is Single layer edgeband and what are its characteristics?

      The single layer edgebanding is composed of a single high quality decorative paper of 170 to 200 grams/m2 and has a thickness of approximately 0.3 mm. This type of edgebanding offers a wide variety of textured and porous finishes similar to the main board. They are easy to install and adhere perfectly to the board using hot-melt techniques.

      Single-ply edging is characterised by the following features:

      • A single high quality decorative paper.
      • Wide variety of finishes and textures available.
      • Easy installation using hot-melt techniques.
      • Excellent adhesion to the board.
      Rollos de canto monocapa de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor Single layer edgeband

      3. Advantages and applications of single-layer edgebanding

      Single-layer edgebanding offers several advantages for the furniture industry. In addition to protecting the edges of furniture against impact, moisture and wear, it also provides an aesthetic appearance, hiding the inner layers of the panel and giving a uniform finish. In addition, the edge coating facilitates the cleaning and maintenance process of the furniture.

      Among its advantages we highlight:

      • It provides an aesthetic and uniform finish to the edges of the furniture.
      • Easy installation and perfect adhesion to the board.
      • Wide range of design and finish options.
      • Additional protection against humidity.

      Single layer edgebanding is used in a wide range of applications, such as kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture, general home furnishings, as well as in the commercial and display environment. Its versatility and strength make it an ideal choice for customised and durable finishes on different types of furniture.

      4. How to choose the right single layer edgebanding

      When choosing the right single-ply edgebanding for your furniture, you should consider factors such as design style, colour scheme and the level of protection required. There are different design and finish options to suit your specific needs.

      Lamidecor’s digital printing on single-layer edgebanding offers numerous advantages. It allows you to create personalised and detailed finishes that adapt to the tastes and needs of the client, guaranteeing exceptional and long-lasting visual quality. This technology provides greater design freedom by creating complex patterns, detailed images and customised colour combinations, as well as accurate reproduction of textures and finishes, resulting in a realistic and aesthetically appealing look. In addition, digital printing in the field of monolayer edging allows for more efficient and flexible production, streamlining the production process and reducing lead times. Material waste is also minimised by printing only the required amount of customised edging.


      In summary, single layer edgebanding is an ideal solution for furniture cladding, offering a perfect finish to the edges of the panels. Its characteristics, advantages and applications make it a versatile and aesthetic material. At Lamidecor, as a leading company in the industry, we guarantee the quality and customisation of our monolayer edging to meet the specific needs of our customers in the furniture and decoration sector.