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      Digital Printing

      14 February, 2023

      Digital printing 

      At Lamidecor we work with two printing models: “rotogravure” and “digital” for the creation of decorative paper. (The rotogravure printing line has already been discussed in another post, but if you have any doubts you can always read it again here).

      Digital printing is characterised by a system of printing by injecting LED UV inks on a paper or vinyl support.

      How does it work?

      The process begins when a digital file is sent to the printer. The printer uses software designed to process the image and translate it into a series of commands that the print head can understand.

      Then, print heads containing small holes will spray UV LED inks onto the paper or vinyl in specific patterns to create the desired image.

      Finally, curing takes place, which is immediate thanks to the ultraviolet light emitted by installed lamps.

      Lamidecor’s digital product line also offers high quality, high resolution, full colour, customised graphic designs with fast turnaround times. A commitment to customer success.

      This process is very fast and efficient and is suitable for the reproduction of any image or design that the customer may require.

      The secret to quality printing lies in a team of specialised technicians who understand and complete the process with professionalism and dedication at every step of the way, making it conscientiously thorough to the end.