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      New Design for Panel and Moulding Coating: Lamimonsters

      04 July, 2023

      Lamimonsters: Explore the World of Charming Little Monsters!

      Welcome to the exciting world of Lamimonsters! We will introduce you to our new design of decorative paper for covering panels and mouldings. This incredible product comes from the creation of Lamidecor’s new children’s line. Lamimonsters is the first of the designs of this new universe inspired by cute monsters. These adorable and mischievous characters have been carefully designed to capture the imagination and fun of children. Our aim is to offer the little ones a world full of joy and creativity, where they can explore, learn and dream together with their new monster friends. Discover the magic of this new collection and let your imagination fly with these charming little monsters!

      At Lamidecor, we are always looking for ways to take decoration to the next level. Our new children’s line is inspired by the overflowing imagination of children and their love for friendly and fun characters. The new decorative wallpaper design for paneling and mouldings combines the best of both worlds: the quality and durability of our products with the fun and creativity of cute monsters.

      The inspiration behind the new design

      Our design team immersed themselves in the world of children to capture the essence of imagination and create charming characters.

      We wanted something unique and original, so we came up with a series of adorable and mischievous monsters that would captivate children from the very first moment. These characters are full of colour, textures and captivating details that will stimulate the imagination of the little ones.

      Detalle del Diseño Monsters Kaos de Lamidecor. Fantasía
      Lamimonsters Kaos design by Lamidecor

      Characteristics of Lamidecor decorative paper

      Lamidecor decorative paper offers a series of characteristics that make it the perfect choice for covering panels and mouldings in children’s spaces. Some of the most outstanding features are:

      • Durability: Our wallpaper is resistant to wear and tear and scratches, ensuring a long service life.
      • Easy to clean: The wallpaper is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, making it ideal for spaces where children may leave footprints.
      • Variety of designs: Our new collection has a wide range of monster designs, so every child can choose their favourite.

      How to use the decorative paper on panels and mouldings

      Lamidecor decorative paper is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to cover panels and mouldings in children’s spaces. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

      • Themed walls: Create a themed wall by using the wallpaper as a background and adding decorative elements to complement the monster design.
      • Personalised mouldings: Use the wallpaper to cover the mouldings on doors, windows or furniture, adding a fun and colourful touch to the room.
      • Interactive murals: Combine the wallpaper with paint to create interactive murals where children can draw and colour on the monsters.

      Benefits for children and their spaceses

      The new Lamidecor wallpaper design offers a number of benefits for both children and their spaces. Some of them are: visual stimulation, with vibrant colours and fun monster patterns that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity; a cosy atmosphere, which creates a friendly environment conducive to play and exploration; and a unique personality, where each child can choose their favourite monster and feel that their space is truly their own.

      Where to find our new collection??

      If you are interested in discovering the magic of our new collection of decorative paper from Lamidecor’s children’s line. We invite you to visit our website to explore all the designs available and choose the one you like best. Bring the panels and mouldings of children’s rooms to life with the fun and creativity of Lamidecor’s charming little monsters!