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      Luks Laminate: Versatility and Quality

      26 September, 2023

      Lamidecor’s LUKS Laminate: Versatility and Quality that Transforms Surfaces

      In the competitive world of interior design and decoration, finding a coating that combines versatility, quality and durability is essential. In this regard, Lamidecor, a leading company in the decorative paper industry, has a solution that has revolutionised the way we see and use laminates. This is LUKS quality, a unique laminate that stands out for its multifunctionality, flexibility and excellent opacity.

      LUKS: Versatility in Surfaces

      LUKS, developed by Lamidecor, is a response to the growing demand for a laminate that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for flat surfaces (panels, chipboard, MDF, hardboard and plywood) and curved surfaces (profiles). Its ability to adapt to different types of materials makes it an attractive option for a wide range of interior design and architectural projects.

      Quality Composition

      LUKS laminate is composed of cellulosic papers that can be printed with water-based inks on a cellulosic fibre backing; together with the melamine and aminoplastic resins used in its manufacture, it provides a product with good solid strength and exceptional durability.


      LUKS laminate stands out for its excellent opacity ensuring uniform coverage and a flawless appearance on all surfaces.

      Performance and Durability

      LUKS has excellent physical properties, as it is able to withstand daily use without losing its attractiveness. This is due to its good strength and flexibility, which make it a tough and adaptable choice. In addition, its lightfastness ensures that colours remain vibrant over time.

      Optional Antibacterial Property

      For projects that require an additional level of hygiene and protection, Lamidecor offers LUKS quality with anti-bacterial properties. This option provides an additional layer of safety in applications where hygiene is a primary concern.

      LUKS in Interior Design

      But LUKS is not just limited to surface coatings. It also excels in the world of interior design as a high quality decorative paper. Forming part of Lamidecor’s wide range of decorative paper qualities, LUKS is the ideal choice for those looking for a coating to suit all their creative needs.

      Versatility in Design

      For those looking to add a tactile dimension to their designs, LUKS offers the option of applying a CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) finish. This process adds texture to the surface, allowing users to experiment with different sensations when touching and exploring the design.

      Countless Creative Possibilities

      In short, LUKS by Lamidecor is a multifunctional laminate that redefines the way surfacing is conceived. Its versatility, quality and durability make it an outstanding choice for a wide range of interior design and architectural applications. With LUKS, the future of interior decoration and creativity in space design looks brighter than ever.