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      35 years in the coating industry

      Ferrán García, the coating professional and dean of the company

      It is an honour to talk to the dean of Lamidecor, our dear colleague Ferrán, who has earned our respect, admiration and gratitude for his hard work and contribution. Throughout his career in the paper coating industry he has left an indelible mark on our organisation and is an inspiration to us all with his dedication, tireless work ethic and never-ending smile.

      Ferrán is a fundamental pillar in the success we have achieved over the last 3 decades. He tells us about his career as a professional and as a person within Lamidecor.


      Experience in the company, work, responsibilities and evolution over time.

      I have been with the company all my life. From the beginnings in Novocant when the headquarters were in Castelldefels to what Lamidecor is today. I have also rotated through various jobs, my responsibilities have gone hand in hand with the evolution of the company. I started as an operator on the edging machine until I became supervisor of the paper coating processes at Lamidecor. Making sure it was carried out efficiently and effectively. I have also been involved in inventory management and coordination of stock material. This personal and job rotation and growth has allowed me to deal with and learn from many people.

      Over time I have seen significant changes in the company. When I started we were only five employees, practically at the beginning of the company, and we have grown to about 90. All this achievement has been reflected thanks to everyone’s involvement and effort to do a job well done. We have been a great team, becoming a big family.

      Likewise, the achievements of which I feel most proud have come from the hand of my colleagues. I think I have played a good role both in dealing with them and in many changes in the Lamidecor culture. The adoption of new technologies or the implementation of new procedures and processes has allowed us to grow. In this way these changes have had a significant impact on my work, I have had to adapt and learn new skills to keep myself updated and relevant in each position.


      Future plans

      After more than three decades at Lamidecor it is time to start thinking about retirement, as I have a good generational handover.

      I am very grateful and happy to share with you all this learning and to be part of the growth and success that Lamidecor has today. Thank you team!

      Decorative paper, new sustainable packaging

      We are committed to sustainable packaging for decorative paper reels

      At Lamidecor we are committed to building a more sustainable future, minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the decorative paper surface coating sector.

      We are delighted to incorporate the use of cardboard which is biodegradable, recyclable and 100% renewable in our packaging, as well as the use of ecopaper adhesive tape.

      At Lamidecor we continue to look for initiatives to find alternatives to plastic in packaging that can be designed to be reused or recycled at the end of its useful life. We are launching a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging, which shares the advantages from a practical point of view, but none of the negative environmental impacts.

      In designing this new cartonboard packaging, we have not only been mindful of carbon footprint and sustainability, we have also taken into account a number of important considerations, such as protecting our finish foil and CPL reels from damage during transport and storage efficiency. Cardboard is a strong and durable material that supports the weight of the reels and protects them from shocks and vibrations, thus ensuring that the reels do not move or fall. It also ensures easy handling.

      By using our expertise and experience we can help our customers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

      In conclusion, in the same way, consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability and prefer to buy products that have a lower environmental impact. Now, more than ever, is the time to adopt sustainable packaging solutions that help care for our planet.


      Lamidecor cardboard packaging for coils
      New packaging from Lamidecor

      Interview with Nadja Schleich, Lamidecor’s CPL Sales Leader

      Nadja Schleich, Lamidecor’s Lead CPL Sales Manager

      With a career spanning more than 16 years in the world of “decorative paper“, our colleague Nadja Schleich , who heads the export division in Europe and Africa, talks to us about her views on key issues regarding the situation, trends and customer relations in the coating sector.


      Nadja joined Lamidecor when it was a small company. With a career development that has continued to grow, Nadja has opened up markets as the family business has expanded around the world. Always involved in the analysis of what consumers want, trends and lifestyle needs in different regions of the world. Nadja understands and faces the challenges of new solutions and designs coming up at Lamidecor with an optimistic outlook.


      • What motivates her?

      To grow and discover new horizons. Better one step at a time, but always moving forward.


      • What interests you most about this sales position?

      I am grateful to have been part of a family business for many years and to have been trained in a family business, which has shown me a strong potential and always the desire to aspire to more and to look forward to future projects, to have a broad vision and a will. I hope that I can continue to share this journey for many years to come.


      • What are the keys to a good client relationship?

      Being honest and aware of our possibilities and those of the client and adapting to them. Personalised attention. Having a strategy and a vision for the future. A good pre/post-sales service is essential.


      • Do you feel comfortable making cold calls?

      Yes, of course you can do some research on another company or a specific person thanks to social networks but sometimes I prefer to let myself be surprised by the answer they can give me and even if it is an unfruitful answer, you always hang up the phone wishing the other person a good day.


      • Have you consistently achieved your sales targets?

      Between seasons of highs and lows, I would finally say that I have reached my sales targets. It is always good to stop from time to time to look at the strategy you are applying and to evaluate and the effort is always rewarded.


      • How did you achieve your best sale?

      Connecting through a “cold call” by throwing myself into the cold water of a completely new terrain. I discovered some very interesting and promising possibilities for the future.


      • Why are you good at sales?

      I never thought of myself as a good salesperson. I simply like to have a connection with other people, to be able to help them, to listen to them, to propose ideas and solutions. Accompanying these attitudes with a series of good products, in my view, is the success of a good sale.


      • What milestones in terms of products, designs and quality do you remember during the years you have worked at Lamidecor?

      After so many years I can say that I have seen “all colours” in this respect. It is true that over the years trends have changed, fashion has changed, technologies have advanced, but I really don’t think that so much has changed in our sector. Gravure printing is becoming more and more detailed, more and more realistic. Impregnation formulas are becoming more and more sustainable and an impregnated or lacquered foil is looking more and more like a natural veneer. The same applies to digital printing with the difference that there should be no limits in design and fantasy. The CPL product has opened up a great horizon in the market and continues to do so. For Lamidecor this product is a great achievement and I hope that we can expand our horizons with this product.


      • What do you think about the current international market situation?

      It is a very competitive and tough market. It is a challenge to maintain or even improve our position. The key lies in specialisation and in betting and fighting for it. Better a small but strong range than a wide and confusing range.


      • What challenges lie ahead for the decorative paper sector?

      Sustainability and recycling.


      • What are your company’s keys to attracting new customers abroad?

      Focus and strategy. Attention, closeness and understanding towards the customer.

      Digital printing

      Digital printing 

      At Lamidecor we work with two printing models: “rotogravure” and “digital” for the creation of decorative paper. (The rotogravure printing line has already been discussed in another post, but if you have any doubts you can always read it again here).

      Digital printing is characterised by a system of printing by injecting LED UV inks on a paper or vinyl support.

      How does it work?

      The process begins when a digital file is sent to the printer. The printer uses software designed to process the image and translate it into a series of commands that the print head can understand.

      Then, print heads containing small holes will spray UV LED inks onto the paper or vinyl in specific patterns to create the desired image.

      Finally, curing takes place, which is immediate thanks to the ultraviolet light emitted by installed lamps.

      Lamidecor’s digital product line also offers high quality, high resolution, full colour, customised graphic designs with fast turnaround times. A commitment to customer success.



      This process is very fast and efficient and is suitable for the reproduction of any image or design that the customer may require.



      The secret to quality printing lies in a team of specialised technicians who understand and complete the process with professionalism and dedication at every step of the way, making it conscientiously thorough to the end.

      Rotogravure printing

      What is rotogravure printing?

      At Lamidecor we have been working for more than 30 years with rotogravure printing for the creation of decorative paper.

      Rotogravure printing is a process that allows us to reproduce detailed and high quality images.  It covers wood designs, unicolours and fantasies intended for the coating of surfaces, both on boards, doors and furniture.


      How does it work?

      This printing system works by using metal cylinders engraved with an embossed pattern to transfer ink onto a paper reel. The ink is applied to the engraved cylinder and transferred to the paper by passing it between the cylinder and a tailstock. The ink adheres only to the engraved areas, creating an embossed image on the paper roll.

      In order to produce realistic drawings, the rotogravure machine consists of several bodies and cylinders. All of them work as we have just explained, in this way all kinds of designs are obtained, with a 3D effect synchronised with the drawing, designs of great chromatism and visual depth, reliefs and metallic effects depending on the inks.

      The quality of the print depends on the finish and precision of the engraved cylinder.




      Today we can say that the rotogravure printing line is the most effective in achieving a realistic reproduction of any material.

      The secret of quality printing is a team of expert technicians who know and work the entire process with professionalism and dedication at every step. From the choice of inks to the adjustment of cylinders.



      This process is fast and efficient, and is also suitable for the production of large print runs. The result is a wide range of woodgrain, fantasy and unicolour designs on decorative paper.

      New suggestions box

      New suggestions box

      At Lamidecor we have set up a Suggestions Box to give a voice to all employees. This new means of improvement will allow us to listen to all the proposals and initiatives of this great family.

      The purpose of the suggestion box is to be able to have a way to expose congratulations, requests, ideas, suggestions and concrete solutions and complaints in order to know and share different points of view and to avoid that good ideas are lost without being heard.



      One of the advantages is the improvement of internal communication in a simple and efficient way that encourages dialogue among the whole team. Everyone can contribute ideas based on their professional experience.

      The Suggestion Box will allow an employee with a particular concern not to remain indifferent to it, but to express suggestions to help find possible solutions by offering advice. Creating a climate of dialogue can improve the emotional health of employees, increase their self-esteem and provide mutual benefits if it is constructive for both the company and the employee. As such, it is a means to promote the common good.

      We also know that the people who make up Lamidecor are the key to success because of their hard work and effort. We spend a lot of time together, one of the most important factors is the quality of the working environment, so we want to know everyone’s opinion in order to improve the quality of life in the working environment.

      The HR department will monitor all the ideas presented in order to work effectively in the analysis and evaluation of the proposals of the whole Lamidecor team.


      We invite you all to make use of the suggestion box!


      Buzón de sugerencias de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor suggestion box


      Lamidecor continues in its commitment to corporate social responsibility or CSR showing proposals for a better future.

      Logistics opening hours

      Logistics opening hours.

      Loading and unloading hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 hours.
      Our logistics department coordinates the transport to get the product to our customers efficiently and as quickly as possible.

      We are waiting for you at the loading bay.

      We are celebrating our anniversary


      🎉Today we are 37 years old 🍰!!


      🤗 THANK YOU to the whole Lamidecor team.

      Without your work, effort, commitment and enthusiasm 💪🏼 we would not have been able to blow out the candles 🕯.

      With new challenges and success goals we hope to celebrate 🎊 many more by your side.🤝🏼





      🥳  Happy anniversary colleagues. 👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻



      Maintenance, a whole team!

      Let us introduce you to our maintenance team.

      At Lamidecor things run smoothly thanks to you, excellent professionals who do a great job.
      Your hours of effort and dedication make us grow as a company.


      Thank you, colleagues !

      In a nutshell

      In a nutshell 🎤

      📍 This is the title of the interview in the newspaper El Sector 📰 with Juan Valverde Campos and Magda Valverde Bergel, CEO 👨🏼‍💼 and deputy director 👩🏼‍💼 of Lamidecor.

      Very interesting to know what are their impressions 📈 about the current situation of the sector 🏭 and how they expect to face the future.



      You can read i t📖 here .🤓