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      Thomas Haralyi Breidenbach: New Driver of Innovation at Lamidecor

      Lamidecor strengthens its team with the addition of Thomas Haralyi Breidenbach to its Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) department

      Thomas Haralyi Breidenbach, a graduate in Chemistry, joins Lamidecor as their new Manager of Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) projects, marking a milestone in the leading decorative paper coating company.

      Thomas is renowned for his courage and tireless dedication, which have allowed him to become an expert in various fields, from the food industry to cosmetics. His direct and persuasive communication style, coupled with his willingness to collaborate, have helped him overcome initial obstacles.

      His motivational profile showcases his focus on clear goals and tangible results, combining intuition and rationality in his decision-making. With a deep knowledge of chemistry, Thomas will contribute his expertise to drive innovation and quality in Lamidecor’s decorative paper coating sector. This will include both CPL and finish foil in their improvement efforts. His ability to adapt to diverse needs and challenges, along with his attention to emerging technologies and his constant pursuit of excellence, make him an invaluable asset to the company. Furthermore, his commitment to continuous improvement further reinforces his value to the organization.

      Moreover, the addition of a chemistry graduate as the Head of R&D&I projects at Lamidecor is a strategic step that will bring significant benefits:

      • Deep Scientific Knowledge: Thomas has a thorough understanding of the chemical processes in decorative paper product manufacturing.
      • Development of New Materials: His ability to research and develop new materials will drive innovation in coatings and finishes.
      • Continuous Quality Improvement: He will identify areas for product quality improvement.
      • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.
      • Sustainability Innovation: Leading initiatives to develop environmentally friendly products and processes.
      • Research Project Management: His experience in managing research and development projects will ensure successful investigations.

      In summary, Thomas Haralyi Breidenbach’s scientific approach, coupled with his deep knowledge of chemistry, will strengthen Lamidecor’s ability to face challenges. Moreover, it will drive innovation and the provision of high-quality products in the decorative paper industry. His contribution will enhance the quality, sustainability, and competitiveness of Lamidecor’s products in the market. The company is excited to have him as part of their team and anticipates a bright future alongside him.

      Decorative Paper Design: the team behind the magic

      Discover the magic of Decorative Paper Design

      At Lamidecor, we are proud to present our Design Department, the creative heart of the company. Here at Lamidecor, we have a highly talented multidisciplinary team dedicated to creating realistic motifs for decorative paper design. Our aim is to bring you high quality designs that add beauty to any space.

      Scanning natural materials

      The first step in the process of creating our designs is a state-of-the-art scanning of materials such as natural wood veneers. Veneers, marble and stone are carefully selected for their quality and beauty. We use state-of-the-art technology to capture very high resolution images that reflect every last pore of texture and depth of detail unique to each piece.

      Escaneo proceso de creación de papel decorativo de Lamidecor

      Image processing and design creation

      Once we have the scanned images, our design team processes them and creates beautiful, authentic designs. We use specialised software to manipulate the images, adjusting colours, contrasts and other elements to achieve stunning results.

      Our design team draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, from the natural beauty of wood to other materials, fantasies and geometric patterns. Each design is created with dedication and attention to detail, to meet the needs and preferences of our customers.

      Fitting tests and retouching

      Before launching our products on the market, we carry out extensive fit testing and retouching. It is important to ensure that the designs fit perfectly on different surfaces and maintain their natural appearance and texture.

      Diseñando papel decorativo imitación madera de LamidecorPapel decorativo de Lamidecor

      Lacquering and finishing process

      Once the designs have passed the fit and touch-up tests, we proceed to the lacquering and finishing process. This stage is crucial to achieving the natural look and feel of our products. Numerous factors are taken into account, from the degree of gloss, to the haptic and visual texture. Our design team can create pores synchronised with the grain of the wood, as well as 3D embossed finishes, and even achieve an anti-bacterial surface.

      We lacquer and finish to ensure that our products look authentic and durable. In this way, we ensure that the designs are protected and maintain their beauty over time.

      proceso de lacado de papel decorativo

      End result: appearance and texture that add beauty and elegance

      At Lamidecor, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products that achieve a lifelike appearance and natural texture. Thanks to our careful creation process, our designs are realistic, detailed and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space where they are used.

      Aplicamos nuestros productos en diferentes superficies, como puertas, molduras, mobiliario y paneles, para brindarles un toque especial y transformarlos con estilo. Nuestro Departamento de Diseño de papel decorativo se esfuerza por crear diseños únicos y atractivos que satisfagan las necesidades y gustos de nuestros clientes. Ya sea que estés buscando revestir una puerta, decorar una moldura o darle un toque especial a tu mobiliario, nuestros productos son la solución perfecta.

      We apply our products to different surfaces, such as doors, mouldings, furniture and panels, to give them a special touch and transform them with style. Our Wallpaper Design Department strives to create unique and attractive designs that meet the needs and tastes of our customers. Whether you are looking to cover a door, decorate a moulding or add a special touch to your furniture, our products are the perfect solution.


      At Lamidecor we have a highly talented Design Department that is dedicated to creating realistic decorative paper motifs, from the scanning of the materials to the lacquering and finishing process. Each stage of our creation process is designed to deliver high quality products and add beauty and elegance to any space.

      We are committed to providing aesthetic and functional solutions to our customers who wish to transform their environment with unique and quality designs. Feel free to contact us and discover the endless design possibilities we offer. We will be happy to work with you to transform your ideas into reality.

      High Quality Decorative Paper in Educational Centres

      Encouraging Creativity with High Quality Decorative Paper: Collaboration with Ezequiel González Secondary School in Segovia

      The collaboration between Lamidecor and IES Ezequiel González in Segovia is an outstanding example of how companies and schools can come together to foster creativity and innovation in students. Through the supply of high quality decorative paper, Lamidecor gives students the opportunity to work with superior materials and explore their creative potential in the field of design and carpentry.

      Mutual Benefits

      This collaboration has generated positive results for both students and Lamidecor. On the one hand, the students of IES Ezequiel González de Segovia benefit from having access to samples of Lamidecor products. It allows them to experiment and work with high quality materials in their projects. This stimulates their creativity and gives them invaluable practical experience, complementing their academic training and preparing them for the world of work.

      On the other hand, Lamidecor benefits from establishing a close relationship with the wood and furniture department of the IES Ezequiel González Secondary School in Segovia. Through this collaboration, the company can promote its products and increase its visibility among students and professionals in the sector. In addition, Lamidecor becomes a reference source in the classroom, positioning itself as a company committed to education and the development of talent in the field of design and carpentry.

      The collaboration between Lamidecor and IES Ezequiel González in Segovia has proved to be a source of inspiration and learning for the students. Working with high quality decorative paper allows them to understand the importance of using superior materials in the field of design and carpentry. It also gives them a broader perspective and teaches them to value excellence in the creative process and in the final result of their projects.

      This alliance is not only beneficial for the students, but also strengthens Lamidecor’s image and its position in the market. By establishing strong relationships with renowned educational centres, the company positions itself as a brand committed to quality and the training of future professionals.

      In short, the collaboration between Lamidecor and IES Ezequiel González de Segovia has proved to be a fruitful partnership. It encourages creativity and innovation in the field of design and carpentry. By providing high quality decorative paper, Lamidecor has inspired students to explore new ideas and develop their creative talents. This collaboration exemplifies Lamidecor’s commitment to education and its desire to contribute to the growth and development of future professionals in the sector.

      We look forward to continuing our collaboration with IES Ezequiel Gonzalez and discovering our decorative paper in the ideas and projects of these promising young people!

      Lamidecor Decorative Paper Manufacturing

      Lamidecor’s Decorative Paper Creation Process

      From the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, each stage is carried out with meticulousness and care to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. With advanced technology and customised designs, Lamidecor stands out as a leading manufacturer of decorative paper. We tell you all the steps below:

      • Creation of the Design

      Once we have the raw materials, we move on to the creation of the decorative paper design. We use advanced technology and the experience of our professionals to develop customised and attractive designs that meet the high expectations of our customers.



      • Print

      At Lamidecor, we use two printing models, “hollow” and “digital”, to create decorative paper.

      Gravure Printing

      Lamidecor is proud to offer high quality gravure printing services. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has made us a market leader. We use different types of inks, such as water-based organic inks, conventional inks in various colours and special inks such as metallic inks and 3D varnish. Meticulous ink preparation is crucial for impressive results, which is why we employ a rigorous measuring process using specialised devices such as a printing proofer and spectrophotometer. This preparation ensures high-quality, long-lasting prints that are true to design.

      Today we can say that the rotogravure printing line is the most effective in achieving a realistic reproduction of any material.

      The secret of quality printing is a team of expert technicians who know and work the entire process with professionalism and dedication at every step. From the choice of inks to the adjustment of cylinders. This process is fast and efficient, and is also suitable for the production of large print runs. The result is a wide range of woodgrain, fantasy and unicolour designs on decorative paper.


      Elección de cilindros para la impresión en huecograbado de Lamidecor
      Choice of cylinders for
      for Lamidecor rotogravure printing

      Digital Printing

      With digital printing we can capture any idea with great precision and detail.

      It is done by injecting LED UV inks on paper or vinyl. The process begins by sending a digital file to the printer, which processes it and translates it into commands for the print head. The printheads spray the UV LED inks in specific patterns to create the desired image. Curing occurs immediately thanks to the ultraviolet light emitted by the lamps. Our digital product line offers high quality, high resolution custom designs with fast turnaround times. We have a team of skilled technicians who complete the process with professionalism and dedication to ensure a quality print.


      Impregnation and coating process of printed paper: The transformation from paper to Design


      Papel Decorativo imitación madera de Lamidecor para el recubrimiento de superficies

      • Impregnation

      Once printed, the paper undergoes an impregnation process. At this stage, a protective coating is applied to the paper to improve its resistance to abrasion and water. This ensures that the decorative paper maintains its appearance and quality over time.


      The process of impregnating and coating printed paper is essential to transform it into high-quality decorative paper. Impregnation involves dipping the paper in a solution that gives it additional properties such as water resistance, gloss and durability. Specific chemicals such as melamine, urea and phenolic resins are used. A coating of lacquer is then applied to provide additional strength and gloss. The types of lacquers used vary according to the paper application, such as urethane, acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquer. Impregnated and lacquered paper is used in paper for furniture, doors, profiles, skirting boards, panels, mouldings, etc. providing greater durability and a decorative appearance.

      • Laminating

      After impregnation, the paper undergoes a lamination process for CPL products. Here, one or several additional layers are added, which can be made of different materials, such as resins or vinyl, depending on the customer’s needs. This lamination provides increased durability and strength to the decorative paper. As well as an aesthetic full of textures that make the paper disguise with reality.

      máquina compuesta por varias bobinas de papel que se prensan para formar uno de mayor grosor Proceso de fabricación de laminados decorativos de Lamidecor. CPL

      • Final coating

      Once the lamination is complete, the paper undergoes a final coating process. This lacquer coating provides a glossy finish and protects the paper from stains and scratches. It also brings out the colours and details of the design, giving a high quality final appearance.


      Proceso de Impregnación de papel decorativo en Lamidecor


      Shipment of the Finished Product

      Finally, once the decorative paper has gone through all these stages of production, it undergoes a thorough quality check and is then packed and shipped. We ensure that the product reaches our customers in perfect condition, ready to be used to cover flat and curved surfaces such as panels, doors, furniture, mouldings and skirting boards.

      At Lamidecor, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a complete and controlled manufacturing process, together with high quality products and customised designs. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to meet the most demanding expectations and provide full comfort to our customers.

      Embalaje de cartón para bobinas de Lamidecor


      Trust in Lamidecor’s experience to obtain high quality products and unique designs that will transform your spaces.

      The coating sector says goodbye to Ferrán

      Ferrán García, the coating professional starts a new adventure

      Dear Ferrán,

      Today is a very special day in your life: your well-deserved retirement is here after more than 35 years of dedication and devotion in Lamidecor. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you heartily on your well-deserved retirement. After so many years of dedication and hard work in the coating sector, the time has finally come for you to enjoy a break and dedicate yourself to your great passion.

      It is a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to our dear colleague Ferrán, who has earned our respect, admiration and gratitude for his great work and contribution to Lamidecor. Throughout your career in the paper coating industry, you have left an indelible mark on our company. Your commitment, your endless smile and your passion for your work have been an inspiration to all of us. You have created a strong and united team and your presence has always brightened our working days.

      On behalf of the entire Lamidecor family, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the growth and success of the company. You have been a fundamental pillar in our development and every achievement is also to your credit.

      But beyond your professional work, we would like to highlight your passion for the mountains. We know that this new chapter in your life will give you the opportunity to enjoy your beloved peaks and landscapes. The mountain will be your companion in your adventures, and every step you take will fill you with satisfaction and happiness. We wish you to enjoy every day of your retirement surrounded by the things you are passionate about. May every sunrise bring you new adventures in the mountains, and may every landscape you travel through inspire you to continue discovering the beauty of the world around you.

      Ferrán, thank you for being an example to follow. You will always have a special place in our hearts and we wish you all the best in this new stage of your life.

      May you enjoy your retirement to the fullest, dear friend!

      With love, All the Lamidecor team

      Farewell to the Paper Roll Juggler

      Our expert in charge of paper reel logistics retires

      Dear Antonio Suárez,

      Today it is time to say goodbye to someone very special who has left an indelible mark on our Lamidecor decorative paper reel factory. Yes, we are talking about you, Antonio, who is about to embark on an exciting adventure called retirement!

      We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and for being the undisputed expert in impregnation. Your technical skills and knowledge have been like a magic wand that has turned simple sheets of paper into decorative wonders.

      And that’s not all, because you have also been the master of logistics in the warehouse. Your ability to manage the reels of raw paper, finish foil, CPL and vinyl has been astounding. As a true tightrope walker, you have ensured that the machines never run out of raw materials and that production always flows smoothly – you are our supply hero!

      But beyond your professional skills, we want to highlight your great sense of humour and positive spirit. You have always had a smile on your face and a timely joke to brighten up our days in the factory. Your jokes and witticisms have made us laugh out loud, even in the most stressful moments.

      Now it’s time for you to relax, enjoy your passions and explore new horizons. We wish you exciting adventures, unforgettable journeys and the opportunity to do whatever makes you happy.

      Dear colleague, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your invaluable contribution to our factory and to our lives. You will always be remembered as a special person, full of joy and enthusiasm.

      As we bid you farewell with a mixture of nostalgia and emotion, we would like to wish you all the best in this new stage of your life. May each day be filled with laughter, memorable moments and plenty of time to do all the things that make you smile. Happy retirement, partner!

      With much love,

      Your Lamidecor family

      Farewell to Rosa, the face and welcoming voice of this decorative paper mill

      The welcoming face and voice of this decorative paper factory says goodbye to enjoy a well-deserved retirement

      Dear Rosa Mari, friend and colleague from Tourcoing. You have been the face and welcoming voice of this decorative paper mill.

      On behalf of the whole Lamidecor team, we would like to congratulate you on your retirement and express our most sincere gratitude for your dedication and contribution throughout all these years.

      You have dazzled customers and suppliers with your sympathy over the phone. Lamidecor, good morning, how may I help you… Just a moment please.

      Rosa, since you started working in this company, you have been a fundamental piece in the success of our team. Your skills and dedication have been exemplary and you have been an inspiration to us all. Your presence in the company has been invaluable. You leave a huge footprint and not just a metaphorical one – how many finish foil and CPL catalogues have passed through your hands?

      During your time here, you have helped drive the company forward through your hard work, knowledge and commitment. You have always shown a great work ethic, with a huge smile and a positive attitude, which has made you a real pleasure to work with.

      We are very sad to see you go, but we are happy that you will be able to enjoy your well-deserved retirement. We hope you enjoy this new chapter in your life and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

      We will miss your voice, but we will never forget your contributions and your impact on our company.

      How much we will miss hearing your voice over the loudspeaker requesting all Lamidecor colleagues to listen to you, something important: Attention please… Attention.


      With our best wishes, Happy retirement!

      The whole Lamidecor family

      CPL and Finish Foil Decorative Paper Manufacturing: History of Lamidecor

      History of Lamidecor S.L.U: Company dedicated to the manufacture of CPL and Finish Foil decorative paper.

      Lamidecor S.L.U. is a leading company in the manufacture of CPL decorative paper and finish foil. Since its foundation in 1985 in the town of Castelldefels (Barcelona), Lamidecor has been dedicated to offering innovative solutions in the field of coating. Throughout its history, the company has experienced significant growth and evolution, which has enabled it to position itself as one of the most important companies in the sector at a national and international level.

      Our History

      Lamidecor’s first steps date back to 1985, when the company “Novocant” was founded in the town of Castelldefels. At that time, the company was dedicated solely to the production and sale of synthetic edgebanding to be applied to the sides of melamine panels. However, over time, the company’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit led it to explore new business areas.

      In 1990, Lamidecor moved to Vinaroz (Castellón), where its current headquarters are located. With the aim of continuing to grow, the company began the construction of a new 7,000 m2 factory. In this new facility, it was decided to locate the firm “Novocant” for the manufacture of edging, and the new firm and investment “Lamidecor”.

      Innovation as the driving force of the company

      Since its beginnings, Lamidecor has been driven by the vision, motivation and desire to offer innovative solutions in the field of coatings. For this reason, the company carried out an exhaustive market study to find out what the real trends and needs were for this product within the furniture sector.

      The company also invested in the acquisition of an engraved recess printing line, two impregnation lines and a laminating press, which enabled it to offer a product and service that would meet the market’s requirements.

      A Company in Constant Evolution

      Lamidecor is a company in constant evolution and growth, and is therefore always looking for new services and solutions. In this sense, the company has turned to the world of digital printing, a resource that has caused a sensation and is having a great acceptance among its customers due to its high level of personalisation and detail.

      Throughout its almost 40 years of history, Lamidecor has learned that quality is always the most important thing. Quality is in the treatment and attention received by the customer, in the demanding technical controls of the product, in the training of the team, in the service provided, in the R&D&I, in the designs, in the finishes and in the exclusivity.

      The History has only just begun

      The history of Lamidecor has only just begun, and for this reason, the company continues to work day by day to offer optimum products and quality. Currently, Lamidecor has presented a new remodelling of its designs and continues to strive to keep improving in order to remain a leading company in quality and innovation within the decorative paper sector.

      Lamidecor: leading company in decorative paper, presents Imanol Gil Ebrí

      Lamidecor: leading company in decorative paper, presents Imanol Gil Ebrí

      Imanol Gil Ebrí has driven the growth of Lamidecor, a leading decorative paper company. With a background in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and a specialisation in marketing, his role has been fundamental to the company’s success.

      Training and Experience

      Imanol Gil Ebrí has an academic background in Business Administration and Management, a master’s degree in teaching and a specialisation in marketing and market research. His dedication to continuous learning led him to obtain a postgraduate degree in digital marketing & Ecommerce, showing his commitment to new trends and technologies.

      In addition to his training, Imanol collaborated with the master’s degree in marketing and market research at the University Jaume I (UJI), sharing his experience and knowledge, which demonstrates his passion for teaching and the development of the industry.

      Career at Lamidecor

      Imanol Gil Ebrí joined Lamidecor in January 2022 as Marketing Director. Since then, he has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has driven the company’s growth and expansion.

      Thanks to his ability to develop effective strategies and his innovative vision, Imanol has strengthened Lamidecor’s presence in the market, understanding customer needs and adapting to the latest trends.

      For his outstanding work, he has been promoted to Marketing Director, R&D Director and Commercial Director. This rapid progression shows his exceptional commitment and contribution.

      Contributions to Lamidecor, leader in the decorative paper sector

      As leader of the marketing department, he has improved brand visibility, expanded the product portfolio and established strong customer relationships. His ability to identify growth opportunities has contributed to Lamidecor’s continued success.

      In addition, as R&D manager and commercial director, his strategic vision has driven innovation and the creation of high quality products that meet market demands.


      Imanol Gil Ebrí is an outstanding leader at Lamidecor. His strong background in business administration and marketing, combined with his strategic and innovative vision, has driven the growth and success of the company. His ability to develop effective strategies, understand market needs and lead teams is leaving a lasting mark on Lamidecor.

      Thanks to his contributions, Lamidecor has experienced significant growth and strengthened its position as a leader in the decorative paper sector. His inspirational leadership and customer-centric approach have enabled it to overcome challenges and reach new horizons.

      New office hours

      New office hours

      Lamidecor has recently implemented new office hours, which will now be from 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Thursday, and from 8:00 to 14:00 on Fridays.

      This change in office hours aims to improve the work-life balance of its employees, giving them more time to enjoy their weekends. The new schedule will also allow for a more efficient distribution of working hours throughout the week, ensuring that projects are completed on time and giving employees the flexibility to manage their workload. Overall, these new office hours are a positive step towards improving employee satisfaction and productivity.