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      Aid for Industrialisation

      Lamidecor SLU has been a beneficiary of the Strategic Plan of the Valencian Industry, within its third phase of implementation in 2020, which aims to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs in the wood-furniture and lighting sector. Thanks to which, Lamidecor has been able to (INDICATE WHAT THE SUBSIDY HAS BEEN SPENT ON).

      We would also like to announce that Lamidecor SLU has also been the beneficiary of the “Hymmen Laminates Line Tension Control” project and the “Galio-UV lamp pregelling lacquering project“, processed under file number INPYME/2020/553. Thanks to this aid, Lamidecor has been able to (INDICATE WHAT THE SUBSIDY HAS BEEN SPENT ON).

      Commitment to quality

      Lamidecor’s Commitment to Quality: Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Since its inception, Lamidecor has maintained an unwavering commitment to quality. We understand that quality is the most important factor when it comes to satisfying our customers and providing them with the highest possible satisfaction. In this article, we will explore in detail our commitment to quality and how we ensure that all our processes are geared towards exceeding the expectations of those who place their trust in us.

      Attention, Service and Professional Advice

      At Lamidecor, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality care, service and professional advice. Our sales department is dedicated to understanding your present and future needs, to provide you with designs and products that perfectly match your expectations. We strive to be more than just a supplier, we strive to be a partner to guide you and provide you with customised solutions.

      Our team of design and product experts is trained to advise you every step of the way. We are here to help you. We are proud to share our knowledge and experience with you, so that you can make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results.

      Professional Teams

      We understand that the quality of our products and services is a direct result of teamwork. We have highly skilled teams in each of our departments who work closely together to deliver the best market results in our sector. From design to production to delivery, every stage of the process is meticulously coordinated to ensure excellence in every detail.

      Our staff keeps up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. We work together to achieve maximum efficiency and quality in every project.

      Responsibility and Continuous Quality Improvement

      We are committed to taking responsibility for the quality of our products and services. We constantly look for ways to improve and exceed established standards. From raw material selection to quality control at every stage of the process, we strive to meet the highest quality standards.

      Our team works to identify areas of improvement and implement the necessary solutions to perfect our products and services. In addition, we value our customers’ feedback highly, as it allows us to learn and grow as a company. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide you with products and services that exceed your expectations in terms of quality and durability.


      Exclusive Designs and Production Process

      At Lamidecor, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive designs carried out in a production process that takes care of every detail. Our design team is dedicated to creating unique and attractive products that adapt to the latest trends in interior design. We work closely with experts in the field to develop cutting-edge designs that reflect your personal style and enhance the beauty of your spaces.

      Our production process is carried out with the utmost attention to detail. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to ensure precision and quality at every stage. From the selection of materials to the final finish, every step is carefully supervised by our quality control team.

      Timely and Tailored Delivery

      At Lamidecor, we understand the importance of on-time delivery and tailored to our clients’ needs. We know that each project has specific deadlines and requirements, so we strive to meet them efficiently and reliably. We work closely with reliable logistics services to ensure that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

      Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our business, including delivery. We ensure that our products are securely packed and protected during transportation to ensure they arrive on your doorstep intact.


      At Lamidecor, our commitment to quality is fundamental to everything we do. From our personal attention and service to our professional teams, we strive to exceed your expectations with every interaction. We pride ourselves on offering exclusive designs and high quality products, backed by a meticulous production process.

      Our goal is to provide you with maximum satisfaction and to ensure that every Lamidecor product meets the highest quality standards. We are committed to continuous improvement and accountability in all our processes. Your trust in us is invaluable, and we strive to earn and maintain it in every project.

      16th edition of INTERZUM, Cologne

      Lamidecor, leader in the coating industry, stands out at the Interzum trade fair in Cologne, Germany!

      Lamidecor, recognised leader in decorative paper coating, stood out in its participation in the 16th edition of the Interzum Fair in Cologne, Germany. During this leading event of the decoration and building materials industry, Lamidecor had the opportunity to show its experience and quality in the field of decorative paper coating.

      From the 21st to the 24th of May, Lamidecor, a renowned company in the decoration sector, was present at the 16th edition of the Interzum Fair in Cologne, Germany. This important event brings together the leaders and experts of the decoration and building materials industry, making it an ideal platform to showcase the latest developments and establish business contacts.

      During the four days of the exhibition, Lamidecor deployed an impressive stand where our teammates presented the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions we had prepared for our dear customers. Interzum is an international showcase that allows companies to highlight and share their progress with professionals and visitors from all over the world. And Lamidecor took this opportunity to showcase the best of its catalogue.

      In addition, our experts were available at the stand to provide visitors with personalised advice, answer questions and offer detailed information on the features and applications of our products. Customer service is one of our fundamental pillars, and we take every opportunity to strengthen the relationship with our customers and establish new partnerships.

      The participation in the Interzum Fair was a great success for Lamidecor. Not only did it allow us to showcase our latest innovations, but it also gave us the opportunity to learn about current market trends and establish contacts with other important players in the industry. We are proud to have been part of this world-renowned event and look forward to continue to grow and improve in the future.

      Stand Lamidecor Interzum 2019
      Lamidecor at Interzum 2019

      All in all, Lamidecor’s presence at the 16th edition of Interzum in Cologne, Germany, was a great achievement. We showed our new products, and we had the opportunity to interact with customers and professionals in the sector. We will continue to work hard to offer innovative and quality solutions, and we hope to participate again in such relevant events in the future.

      See you next 2021!