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      Women in the paper coating industry

      07 March, 2023

      The coating industry and the role of women

      In recent decades, in the paper coating industry and other sectors, there has been a significant shift in the representation of women in positions of leadership and responsibility. This is due to the efforts of companies to promote diversity and inclusion in their workplace and also to the perseverance and dedication of many women in this field.

      International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March each year to commemorate women’s historic struggle for equal rights, justice and access to opportunities in different spheres of society. Women have faced challenges in their professional careers, including gender discrimination and the pay gap.

      Similarly, it is important to continue to work to break down gender barriers and create a fair and inclusive work environment for all. It is essential that the contribution and talent of women in the paper coating sector, as well as in all the sectors in which they work, continues to be recognised and valued.

      In addition, Lamidecor would like to recognise and make a special mention to all the women who form part of this great team. We have spoken to two friends and colleagues who answer us by reflecting on two questions about the evolution of women in the company.

      1. How have you seen the development of women in Lamidecor?

      M: The presence of women has increased significantly in Lamidecor in recent years. Women occupy different positions in our staff, demonstrating their capacity, knowledge and integration in a sector that years ago was the exclusive preserve of men.

      The recognition of the contribution and value we women bring to Lamidecor today reflects progress in women’s rights towards a more equal society for all.

      R: I started working at Lamidecor in 2006, at that time there were 8 women on the staff. As the years went by, the number of women increased. Now, at the end of my professional career, there are a few more of us. And something unthinkable at the beginning of my career in the company, we have female machine operators who carry out the same functions as their male colleagues. Nowadays, being a woman in Lamidecor is not a problem, as we are represented in all the jobs.

      I would also like to highlight the goodwill and comradeship that exists between all of us. Thanks to everyone’s work, we have seen the company grow.

      1. Can you tell us about a woman you admire?

      M: There are many women today whose contributions are not recognised by history and society at large. However, many of these anonymous women have been instrumental in their struggle for human rights, social justice and gender equality.

      They are, with their efforts and sacrifices, a source of inspiration for others to achieve a more just world.

      R: There are many women to admire. Whether in the field of science, research, literature, art, politics … where their work is recognised worldwide. From my point of view, any woman is to be admired for her professional and family work, combining these tasks is sometimes difficult. And very gratifying when you look at the road travelled and what has been achieved with effort and dedication.

      M: Magdín Miralles. Design and sample laboratory technician.

      R: Rosa Sales. Reception and customer service manager.