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      What is Finish foil?

      13 September, 2022

      Finish foil

      Finish foil is the ideal decorative paper for coating all types of surfaces. Boards, mouldings and profiles are coated with designs ranging from wood imitations to unicolours and all kinds of fantasies.

      papel finish foil con un disñeo que imita la madera natural

      The decorative papers are impregnated with aminoplastic resins and finished with the latest generation of environmentally friendly lacquers. Its modern design and the quality of the surfaces, together with the wide variety of gloss, finishes such as Antibacterial and 3D structures make it ideal for covering furniture ​and doors. It is a flexible and economical product with high performance.

      Bobina de producto finish foil. Papel con un diseño que imita la madera natural