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      Lamidecor renews FSC® certification

      The importance of renewing an FSC® certificate for Lamidecor

      Forest certification programmes, such as the FSC® Forest Stewardship Council ® certificate, are a way of ensuring that a company’s forest management practices demonstrate high environmental and social standards.

      Forests are natural resources that play an essential role in human societies and economies. Forests provide us with clean air and water, timber for construction and other products such as paper and wood products. They also store carbon, preventing it from entering the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas and contributing to climate change. Forests are therefore important for people and the environment.

      FSC® certification is a reliable way to verify and demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that the company is serious about responsible forest management.

      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate

      Renewing an FSC® certificate is a crucial step for Lamidecor to keep its sustainability credentials up to date. As an internationally recognised mark of responsible forest management, obtaining and renewing an FSC® certificate is a sign of good corporate citizenship and commitment to environmental awareness.

      Sustainable office extension

      Sustainable office extension

      Attention, construction works!

      We have started the extension of our offices building in a responsible way and aware of our environment.

      In LAMIDECOR SLU we are happy and proud to grow taking care of the environment. For this we have chosen an efficient and sustainable construction, using natural materials such as wood and using assembly systems that respect our planet.

      We are committed to sustainable growth.

      Aid for Industrialisation

      Lamidecor SLU has been a beneficiary of the Strategic Plan of the Valencian Industry, within its third phase of implementation in 2020, which aims to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs in the wood-furniture and lighting sector. Thanks to which, Lamidecor has been able to (INDICATE WHAT THE SUBSIDY HAS BEEN SPENT ON).

      We would also like to announce that Lamidecor SLU has also been the beneficiary of the “Hymmen Laminates Line Tension Control” project and the “Galio-UV lamp pregelling lacquering project“, processed under file number INPYME/2020/553. Thanks to this aid, Lamidecor has been able to (INDICATE WHAT THE SUBSIDY HAS BEEN SPENT ON).

      Corporate masks for everyone!

      Lamidecor has provided FFP2 masks with corporate design to all its staff, taking a step further in the protection of its team against Covid-19.
      Because together we stop it, protect yourself, protect us!

      Lamidecor obtains the FSC® certificate – Forest Stewardship Council

      But what is FSC® certification?

      The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a worldwide, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management on a global scale. The FSC® defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest management that are supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders.

      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate

      How do we commit ourselves?

      ✔️ Ensuring materials are certified throughout the supply chain.

      ✔️ Promoting responsible forest management worldwide, rejecting and condemning any raw materials related to illegally harvested forests.

      ✔️ Caring for forests for future generations.

      ✔️ Helping to care for forests and the people and wildlife that call them home.

      What does LAMIDECOR involve?

      • Making use of printing inks made from organic materials, such as water, casein and other pigments.
      • Ensuring the health of our equipment by using inks made from organic materials that do not contain solvents.
      • Avoid the purchase of illegal wood and the massive felling of trees.