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      Lamidecor company lunch

      August 12th was a special day, as we were able to enjoy🥳 the whole Lamidecor family welcoming the holidays ⛱.

      We said goodbye to a year in which the whole team has made a great effort and work💪, with a training day, group dynamics, games and a company lunch. 🍽🥂.

      It was a fantastic day for bonding🤝, sharing jokes and anecdotes and the odd dance between all the departments.

      cuatro hombres sonriendo sentados alrededor de una mesa una mujer de pie los abraza


      Thank you all for making it possible. !!!😉

      In a nutshell

      In a nutshell

      This is the title of the interview in the newspaper El Sector with Juan Valverde Campos and Magda Valverde Bergel, CEO and deputy director of Lamidecor.

      Very interesting to know what are their impressions about the current situation of the sector and how they expect to face the future.


      You can read it here.

      56th edition of the Hábitat Fair

      We’re off to the fair!

      At Lamidecor we got dressed up to discover the novelties offered by the 56th edition of the Habitat Fair. We tell you what we have seen.

      Those who love the 60’s and 70’s are in luck: lacquered furniture is back, although somewhat timidly, the high gloss is reborn coexisting in the same piece of furniture with matt and satin. In addition the furniture leaves behind the white to dress from the legs to the top in the same colour, yellows and mustards, tile and cauldron, together with nude and blush tones will be the tones that will dress us this season.


      mueble de puertas amarillo alto brillo y patas de madera natural sin tiradoresmueble-de-comedor-color-caldero-sin-tiradores

      We find that Marie Kondo’s tidiness is a must, as cupboards and sideboards are transformed into display cabinets, replacing the wooden doors or solid colours that we have seen in previous editions with ribbed glass.


      mueble-de-comedor-transformado-en-vitrinavitrinas de vidrio acanalado y patas metálicas


      We already knew that minimalist furniture is in fashion and it remains to be further refined if possible, concealing handles and fittings.



      We are back with a trolley full of trends and together with our design, R&D and commercial departments, we have put within your reach a whole range of creative solutions to dress up your home in 2023.