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      SAG Quality: Innovation for surface coatings

      28 May, 2024

      SAG Quality: Innovations in Surface Coatings of Decorative Papers

      The quality of materials in the design and manufacture of furniture is crucial to ensure durability, aesthetics and functionality. SAG quality has positioned itself as an advanced solution for surface coating of decorative papers, offering a unique combination of technical and aesthetic properties. In this article, we will explore the advantages, applications and features of SAG grade, with a special focus on the Silky variant, which stands out for its antibacterial properties and silky finish.

      Features and Benefits of SAG Grade

      SAG grade is designed for the coating of profiles, chipboard, MDF, hardboard and plywood.

      SAG grade coatings use smooth cellulosic papers printed with water-based inks, ensuring an environmentally friendly and safe base. The backing, made of cellulosic fibre paper, provides strength and flexibility, allowing applications on a variety of surfaces and ensuring durability.

      Types of Finishes and Designs

      SAG offers a variety of finishes: matt and super matt, which provide a smooth and soft surface to the touch, as well as gloss and high gloss, which provide a more reflective and luminous appearance. This range allows for a wide aesthetic adaptability, from discreet to vibrant and modern finishes. The versatility of SAG is reflected in its wide range of designs, from unicolours to imitation woods, marbles and fantasies with diverse textures and styles, adapting to the latest market trends.

      Impregnation and Resistance

      Impregnation with standard aminoplastic and melamine resins ensures that SAG quality coatings possess high strength and durability, maintaining the integrity of the material in the face of daily wear and tear and prolonged use.

      SAG grade combines high wear and chemical resistance with an advanced formulation that ensures easy to maintain and clean surfaces. Its flexibility allows for curved surface applications, adapting to the needs of modern design. In addition, it offers a range of finishes that enhance the aesthetics of furniture and decorative panels. Its low formaldehyde emission complies with international standards, ensuring a safe product.


      Developed specifically for vertical use, the SAG grade is ideal for applications in furniture, bedheads, doors and panels. Its soft and smooth feel, together with its high wear resistance and ease of maintenance, make it a preferred choice in the interior design industry.

      Silky Quality: Innovation and Health

      Within the SAG range, the Silky quality stands out for its anti-bacterial properties and silky finish. Silky reduces bacterial load, including Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, by 99.99%, making it ideal for environments that require high standards of hygiene.

      Finish and Feel

      Silky offers a haptic, deep matt finish that simulates the soft feel of silk, attractive for frequently touched surfaces such as furniture and decorative panels.

      Resistance and Ease of Cleaning

      Silky’s anti-fingerprint property makes it easy to clean and maintain, retaining its flawless appearance with minimal effort. In addition, its high chemical and scratch resistance ensures a long service life.


      SAG quality and its Silky variant represent significant advances in the surface coating of decorative papers, combining aesthetics and functionality with high strength and antibacterial properties. These innovations improve the durability and appearance of products, contributing to a healthier and easier to maintain environment. The adoption of these technologies ensures that spaces are visually appealing, safe and durable.