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      Recognising Teamwork

      29 August, 2023

      Welcoming the August Holidays with a Touch of Togetherness at Lamidecor

      August, the month of warmth and relaxation, brought with it a long-awaited respite for the team at Lamidecor, a leading company in the world of decorative paper. This interval was more than just a break; it became an invaluable opportunity to foster camaraderie and internal cohesion. In an environment where creativity and collaboration are key, the holiday celebration had a deep and lasting meaning.

      Welcoming the Holidays: More than a well-deserved break

      The Lamidecor team understands the importance of disconnecting and recharging energy. In keeping with this notion, the August holidays presented themselves as the perfect time to do so. However, instead of simply taking time off, we decided to take our team spirit to the next level. We organised a company meal that transcended the work environment and allowed us to connect on a more personal level.

      This meal, held in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, was a showcase of laughter, anecdotes and friendship. While we shared culinary delights, we also shared moments that strengthened our bonds. It was a reminder that, behind the roles and tasks, we are a team united by a common goal: the success of Lamidecor.

      Celebrating Success and Dedication

      As we savoured the food and enjoyed the atmosphere, we took the opportunity to recognise individual and collective achievements. Each team member triggered applause for their commitment and hard work. It was a tangible testimony that at Lamidecor, every contribution is essential and valuable.

      Renewed and Committed

      The August break filled us with renewed energy and enthusiasm. As we prepare to return to work, we carry with us the shared camaraderie and passion that characterises Lamidecor. We understand that this return does not mean leaving the holidays behind, but taking with us their positive and creative spirit.

      The Road to a Successful Future

      As we move forward, the spirit of camaraderie cultivated during the company lunch will become the basis for our future collaboration and endeavours. We are determined to harness this energy to meet challenges, embrace creativity and contribute to Lamidecor’s continued success.

      In Conclusion

      The August holidays at Lamidecor were not just a period of rest, but an opportunity to celebrate our unity and commitment. The company lunch not only allowed us to relax, but also strengthened the bonds that keep us together. Now, as we return to work, we carry with us the inspiration and determination to reach new heights. Lamidecor will continue to be a beacon of innovation and dedication in the world of decorative paper.