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      New Poro Soft, up to 1250 mm

      17 June, 2024

      Discover Lamidecor’s new Soft Mechanical Pore

      Lamidecor, leader in innovation and design of decorative paper for surface coating, presents its new Soft Mechanical Pore, an advanced texture that redefines the standards of decorative surface finishing. This development offers not only attractive aesthetics, but also an extremely pleasant feel, providing an efficient and versatile technical solution.

      Features of Soft pore

      Lamidecor’s mechanical pore Soft is characterised by a subtly rough and matt finish. This combination of textures provides a visually appealing surface and a distinctive tactile experience. The controlled roughness of the finish creates a smooth feel to the touch, making it an ideal choice for applications where direct contact with the surface is frequent.

      Dimensions, Versatility and Applications

      One of the most important advantages of mechanical pore Soft is its ability to be applied on reels with a paper width of 1250 mm. This specification allows for greater production efficiency, facilitating the creation of more interesting, large format designs without compromising on the quality of the finish. Soft Mechanical Pore is offered as a finish for foil finish reels. This feature allows the texture to be applied on decorative paper, maximising the flexibility of the material. The ability to work with finish foil broadens the product’s applications, making it ideal for a variety of furniture and interior design uses.

      Quality and Durability

      Mechanical pore Soft is available in SAG, STD and LFH grades, guaranteeing a product that meets the highest industry standards. This quality ensures that the matt finish and rough texture remain consistent across all applications, providing a uniform and professional appearance.

      Lamidecor has designed this new finish with a variety of applications in mind, from mouldings and profiles to furniture surfaces. Its pleasant look and feel make it ideal for residential and commercial environments where aesthetics and functionality are equally important.


      Lamidecor’s new Mechanical Pore Soft represents a significant improvement in the field of decorative finishes. With its ability to be applied to a paper width of 1250 mm, its use as a finish foil and its availability in Lamidecor’s new qualities, this product is positioned as a preferred option for those seeking to combine aesthetics and feel in their projects. Lamidecor continues to lead with innovation and quality, offering solutions that respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market.