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      New MG SOFT MATE finish

      17 January, 2023

      New MG SOFT MATE finish

      Lamidecor starts the year with the new MG SOFT MATE finish which has been included in the range of finishes of its CPL line.
      Specifically, this pore is presented together with Lamidecor’s new Olive Green 8574 unicolour. In this case, it is a texture with a subtly rough and matt finish that gives it a pleasant feel. Here, Lamidecor manages to unify trends for 2023 such as colour and texture with the SOFT MATE pore.

      Olive Green 8574 + pore SOFT MATT MG
      Olive Green 8574 + pore SOFT MATT MG

      Likewise, Lamidecor also offers the option of sending samples of the SOFT MATE finish in wood or fantasy designs, as well as in unicolours, which allows for endless creations to cover all types of surfaces.

      As defined by the design team, the trend is to give warmth and comfort to home furniture with innovative proposals combining designs and textures, as well as using strong colours, cements and stones with subtle finishes. An example of this is the proposal shown by Lamidecor, which manages to soften the rustic aspect of the Altamira cement of its own range of designs thanks to the MG SOFT MATE pore.

      Acabado poro soft mate MG de Lamidecor
        Altamira + pore MG Soft mate

      Want to know more? Request a sample here.