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      Monolayer Door Edging

      23 May, 2024

      Elevate the Style of your Doors with Monolayer Edging: Innovation and Distinction

      In the field of carpentry and interior design, single-layer edging is emerging as a solution to enhance the aesthetics and durability of doors. At Lamidecor, leaders in decorative paper for surface coating, we are proud to present our experience of almost four decades in the manufacture of single-ply edgebanding, offering an exceptional combination of quality and design

      Exploring the Distinctive Features of Monolayer Edgebanding

      1. What is Monolayer Edgebanding and What Makes it Unique?
        • Monolayer edging is distinguished by its composition of a single high quality decorative paper, impregnated with standard aminoplastic resins and provided with digital printing. With a thickness ranging from 270 to 330 microns, this material offers a robust covering without adding excessive weight to the door. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to different shapes and contours, guaranteeing a perfect finish in every application.
      2. Benefits and Applications of Door Edgebanding
        • Beyond improving appearance, edging offers superior protection and increased durability to doors. Its resistance to surface wear makes it the ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. From cabinet doors to front entrances, single-ply edging raises the standard for functionality and aesthetics.
      3. Why Choose Single Layer Edgebanding for your Doors
        • Choosing single-ply edging not only ensures a flawless finish, but also contributes to the creation of more durable and attractive spaces. Its ability to withstand wear, moisture and exposure to sunlight makes it a smart investment for any project. In addition, its wide variety of design options allows each door to be customised to the customer’s preferences.
          Conclusion: Excellence in Door Finishing

      Conclusion: Excellence in Door Finishing

      In summary, single-layer edging represents a significant innovation in the joinery industry, offering an unparalleled combination of quality and versatility. At Lamidecor, we are committed to continuing to lead the way in the manufacture of single-layer edging, providing solutions that not only beautify, but also protect and extend the life of doors. Trust us to elevate the style and functionality of your doors with our premium quality single-layer edging.