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      Lamidecor: leading company in decorative paper, presents Imanol Gil Ebrí

      25 May, 2023

      Lamidecor: leading company in decorative paper, presents Imanol Gil Ebrí

      Imanol Gil Ebrí has driven the growth of Lamidecor, a leading decorative paper company. With a background in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and a specialisation in marketing, his role has been fundamental to the company’s success.

      Training and Experience

      Imanol Gil Ebrí has an academic background in Business Administration and Management, a master’s degree in teaching and a specialisation in marketing and market research. His dedication to continuous learning led him to obtain a postgraduate degree in digital marketing & Ecommerce, showing his commitment to new trends and technologies.

      In addition to his training, Imanol collaborated with the master’s degree in marketing and market research at the University Jaume I (UJI), sharing his experience and knowledge, which demonstrates his passion for teaching and the development of the industry.

      Career at Lamidecor

      Imanol Gil Ebrí joined Lamidecor in January 2022 as Marketing Director. Since then, he has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has driven the company’s growth and expansion.

      Thanks to his ability to develop effective strategies and his innovative vision, Imanol has strengthened Lamidecor’s presence in the market, understanding customer needs and adapting to the latest trends.

      For his outstanding work, he has been promoted to Marketing Director, R&D Director and Commercial Director. This rapid progression shows his exceptional commitment and contribution.

      Contributions to Lamidecor, leader in the decorative paper sector

      As leader of the marketing department, he has improved brand visibility, expanded the product portfolio and established strong customer relationships. His ability to identify growth opportunities has contributed to Lamidecor’s continued success.

      In addition, as R&D manager and commercial director, his strategic vision has driven innovation and the creation of high quality products that meet market demands.


      Imanol Gil Ebrí is an outstanding leader at Lamidecor. His strong background in business administration and marketing, combined with his strategic and innovative vision, has driven the growth and success of the company. His ability to develop effective strategies, understand market needs and lead teams is leaving a lasting mark on Lamidecor.

      Thanks to his contributions, Lamidecor has experienced significant growth and strengthened its position as a leader in the decorative paper sector. His inspirational leadership and customer-centric approach have enabled it to overcome challenges and reach new horizons.