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      Lamidecor: leaders in decorative paper, attends Interzum

      16 May, 2023

      Lamidecor: leaders in decorative paper, visits the Interzum fair in Cologne to make new contacts and discover trends.

      Lamidecor has visited the Interzum trade fair in Cologne. This event, considered one of the most important in the sector, brings together professionals, experts and companies from all over the world to share knowledge, establish business contacts and discover the latest trends in decorative paper and interior decoration.

      The importance of trade fairs

      Trade fairs play a key role in the business world. For companies, participating in trade shows offers a number of significant benefits. Firstly, it increases brand visibility and builds brand recognition in a highly competitive environment. By exhibiting its products and services, Lamidecor was able to capture the attention of professionals and potential customers interested in decorative paper.

      In addition, they are the perfect setting to establish business contacts. Lamidecor had the opportunity to engage in conversations with distributors, interior designers, architects and other professionals in the sector. These interactions allow not only to expand the network of contacts, but also to explore possible strategic alliances and future collaborations.

      Lamidecor’s visit to Interzum trade fair

      Lamidecor attended the Interzum trade fair with a clear objective in mind: to make new contacts and discover the latest trends in the decorative paper market. During their visit, the Lamidecor team immersed themselves in a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, exploring the different stands and exhibits present at the fair.

      During their tour of the fair, Lamidecor discovered a wide range of exciting opportunities. From new materials and manufacturing techniques to innovative solutions for decorative paper applications, the fair offered a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the sector.

      Lamidecor’s visit to the Interzum trade fair in Cologne proved to be a resounding success. During the event, the company was able to establish key business contacts, discover the latest trends and strengthen its position as a leader in the decorative paper industry.