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      Lamidecor for Contract

      24 November, 2023

      Why Lamidecor is the best option for Contract

      If you are looking for the best option to decorate your contract projects, you should know Lamidecor. This Spanish company has extensive experience in the sector and is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer service. In this article we will explain why Lamidecor is the best option for contract and what makes it stand out from the competition.

      1. History of Lamidecor

      Lamidecor was founded in 1985 in Castelldefels, Spain, as a company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of decorative paper for wall coverings in the furniture sector. Over time, the company expanded its offer and became a benchmark in the decoration of contract projects. Today, it has a wide presence in the national and international market.

      2. Commitment to quality

      One of Lamidecor’s most important values is its commitment to quality. The company uses the best materials in the manufacture of its products and has a rigorous quality control process that guarantees the excellence of its products. It also has quality certifications that guarantee its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

      3. Lamidecor; variety of products for Contract projects

      Lamidecor has a wide variety of products and designs for the decoration of contract projects. From door and panel cladding to mouldings, profiles and furniture, the company offers comprehensive solutions for any type of project. In addition, it has a team of professionals who advise customers on the choice of the most suitable CPL and Finish Foil products for their project.

      4. Design and customisation for contract

      Another aspect that makes Lamidecor stand out is its ability to offer customised designs. The company has a team of gravure and digital print designers who work hand in hand with the customer to create unique and exclusive projects. In addition, the company uses the most advanced technology to offer customised solutions in record time.

      5. Customer service

      Customer service is one of Lamidecor’s top priorities. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals who offer personalised advice on each project. In addition, the company has a large stock of products that guarantees fast and efficient delivery.

      6. International presence

      Lamidecor has an extensive international presence, with customers in more than 30 countries around the world. The company has been able to adapt to the needs of each market, offering customised solutions adapted to each client.

      7. Social commitment

      Finally, another of the values that make Lamidecor stand out is its social commitment. The company collaborates with different organisations and social projects, and has a strong commitment to gender equality and diversity.

      In short, if you are looking for the best option for your contract projects, Lamidecor is the company you are looking for. Its commitment to quality, its wide variety of decorative paper products, its ability to offer customised designs and its customer service are some of the aspects that make this Spanish company stand out in the decoration sector for contract projects.


      Lamidecor is the best option for those looking for quality, personalisation and excellent customer service.