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      Interview with José Baca, leading salesman in the door covering sector

      31 March, 2023

      José Baca, leading salesman in the door covering sector

      With an extensive professional career of more than 20 years in the creation of unique spaces for the home, mainly in coatings of different materials, our colleague José Baca directs the export area of Lamidecor in Latin America, Portugal and Asia. In this interview we asked him to give his point of view on essential questions such as the situation, trends and customer relations in the sector of covering doors and furniture with decorative paper.

      • What motivates you?

      I love it when you ask me that question; what motivates me most about this job is being able to offer our customers high quality products that meet their project needs, creating unique and attractive spaces. Being able to help them realise their ideas is something I am passionate about.

      • What interests you most about this sales position?

      I am proud to be part of a company that has been in this segment for many years. A company that knows the needs of each customer very well and that relies on human relationships and trust when it comes to establishing the foundations of a stable relationship.

      • What are the keys to good customer relations?

      In line with what I said above, one of the keys to maintaining a good relationship with the client is clear and effective communication. It is important to listen carefully to their needs and offer them personalised solutions. There is not always a generalised solution for similar needs and in this sense our job is to know how to analyse each case. It is also essential to maintain a good after-sales service and to be available to resolve any doubts or incidents that may arise.

      • Do you feel comfortable making cold calls?

      When it comes to cold calling or cold first contacts, I admit that it can be a bit awkward at first. With practice, however, it becomes a very useful tool to establish new contacts and expand your client portfolio.

      In my experience, the most important thing is to prepare that first contact well. Be clear about the objective and the message you want to convey, and show a friendly and proactive attitude.

      • Have you consistently achieved your sales targets?

      As a salesman, one always thinks that one’s targets are still to be reached. Especially because we are aware of the new trends that dominate the market and that force us to always be attentive and adapt to them.

      • How did you achieve your best sales?

      One of my greatest sales achievements was to close a very personalised project where others had failed. The basis of that achievement was to have correctly identified the customer’s priority. I also knew how to transmit it to a whole team of people who make up Lamidecor. They also made this need their own and came up with the optimum solution.

      Undoubtedly, without the work of all of them, it would not have been possible.

      • Why are you good at sales?

      I consider that I am good at sales because I enjoy contact with people and I have a great capacity to empathise with them and understand their needs. I also like to keep up to date with market trends and developments, which allows me to offer innovative and attractive solutions to my customers.

      • What product, design and quality milestones do you remember during the years you have worked at Lamidecor?

      In my years working at Lamidecor, I have seen many milestones in terms of products, designs and qualities. Some of the highlights are the creation of a high-tech laminate quality. Our LUKS quality, for the covering of doors and furniture. And the technical evolution of digital printing for more realistic and detailed designs.

      • What do you think about the current international market situation?

      Regarding the current international market situation, I think there are many opportunities to continue growing and expanding our business in other countries. It is true that there is some uncertainty and volatility in some markets, but there is also a growing demand for high quality products and design, which positions us very well as a company.

      • What challenges lie ahead for the decorative paper sector?

      One of the main challenges facing the decorative paper sector is to stay at the forefront of technology, innovation and sustainability. More and more customers are valuing not only design and quality in door coverings, but also the environmental and social impact of the products they use.

      • What are your company’s keys to attracting new customers abroad?

      At Lamidecor, we believe that the keys to attracting new customers abroad are differentiation in design and quality, flexibility to adapt to the needs and demands of each market, and excellent customer service at all times. In addition, we have a highly specialised and committed team that works closely with our clients to offer customised solutions and meet their expectations.

      In short, I am very proud to be part of Lamidecor and to be able to represent a company that stands out for the quality of its products, its commitment to sustainability and its ability to adapt to the needs of the market. I love working in sales. I believe that my passion for this work and my experience in the sector allow me to offer an exceptional service to our customers.