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      GABON, new design of the month for doors

      01 February, 2023

      This month, new Gabón design for doors

      At Lamidecor we are excited to announce the launch of our new design for doors: GABON, which is born from a very special natural wood, such as Zebrawood or Zebrano. This exotic tree originating from Africa is in a state of scarcity. That is why at Lamidecor we want to provide an alternative solution that allows us to conserve nature while still enjoying the unique attraction that Gabon offers. We offer this design in decorative paper in both CPL and Finish foil, preserving the striking appearance that makes it unique.

      Zebrano wood is known for its natural beauty. It is characterised by a very marked grain with great tonal variation, which is why it has such a unique appearance. In addition, the pattern of its lines shares a resemblance to the skin of the Zebra, hence its name.

      Developed by our design colleagues, we think it will be ideal for creating pieces that guarantee a high aesthetic value to furniture and doors in the home.


      Gabon comes in a range of 4 shades: HONEY, CAOBA, GREY and WHITE from the original wood.


      GABON, design for doors. Original from Cebrano wood


      We are sure that this collection will be a hit on the market and a valuable addition to any home or office space! Find out from our sales team . Request a sample here.