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      Finishes: Super Matt, Matte, Satin, Gloss, Supergloss

      21 November, 2023

      Finishes: Super Matt, Matt, Satin, Gloss, Supergloss, Supergloss

      Surface finishes are an important factor to consider when choosing materials for any project. There is a wide range of finishes available, and each has unique characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. In this article, we will explore the five most common finishes: super matt, matt, satin, gloss and supergloss. We will learn what makes them different, what they are used for and how to care for them properly.

      Introduction to surface finishes

      Surface finishes are the texture or appearance given to a material to achieve a specific result. They are often used to improve the aesthetics or durability of objects, or to make them easier to clean. Each type of finish has a distinctive look and feel, which means they can have a big impact on the overall look of a project.


      Supermat is the most opaque of all surface finishes. It has a very smooth and silky texture to the touch, and is highly resistant to stains and fingerprints. Due to its low reflectivity, it is ideal for areas where a matt appearance is desired, such as walls, ceilings and furniture. However, it is important to note that this finish is not very scratch resistant and requires careful care.


      The matt finish is similar to the super matt finish, but has a slightly higher gloss and a slightly rougher texture. It is often used on objects that require a smooth but still stain resistant appearance, such as interior walls, ceilings and furniture. The matt finish is also useful for objects that are frequently touched, as it is less prone to show fingerprints than glossier finishes.


      The satin finish has a soft sheen and a slightly rougher texture than the matt finish. It is more scratch and stain resistant than matt and super matt finishes, making it ideal for use on high traffic surfaces such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings. It is also easy to clean and maintain.


      The gloss finish has a high reflectivity and a polished appearance. It is highly resistant to scratches and stains, but is prone to show fingerprints and scratches. The gloss finish is often used on objects that require a luxurious appearance, such as automobiles, jewellery and appliances. However, it is not recommended for high traffic areas, as scratches and fingerprints are more visible on glossy surfaces.


      Supergloss finish is ideal for items that require a highly reflective appearance, such as sports cars, fine jewellery and luxury appliances. However, it is important to note that this finish is more difficult to maintain and may require more cleaning and care than other finishes.

      Care of surface finishes

      Each type of surface finish requires specific care to maintain its appearance and durability over time. Below are some general guidelines for the care of the different finishes:

      • Super-matt: Clean with a soft, dry cloth, avoiding the use of abrasive or harsh cleaners.
      • Matt: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately to avoid water spots.
      • Satin: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth and use a mild cleaner if necessary. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives.
      • Gloss: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth and avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaners. Use a cleaner specifically for glossy surfaces to avoid scratches.
      • Supergloss: Clean with a soft, damp cloth and use a mild cleaner if necessary. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives as they may damage the finish.


      Choosing the right surface finish is essential to achieving the desired result on any project. By knowing the characteristics of each type of finish, it is easier to make an informed decision on which finish to use in each case. In addition, taking proper care of finishes is important to maintain their appearance and durability over time.

      Frequently asked questions

      • What is the most scratch-resistant finish? The most scratch resistant finish is the super gloss finish.
      • Can I use harsh chemicals to clean a gloss finish? The use of harsh chemicals to clean a gloss finish is not recommended as they can damage the finish.
      • What is the best finish for kitchen and bathroom furniture? Satin finish is ideal for kitchen and bathroom furniture as it is stain resistant and easy to clean.
      • Is the matt finish stain resistant? Yes, the matt finish is stain resistant, but not as stain resistant as the satin finish.
      • What kind of objects benefit most from the super matt finish? The super matt finish is ideal for areas where a matt appearance is desired, such as walls, ceilings and furniture.